Citizens Continue To Urge St. Louis Park to Reverse Decision To Stop Reciting Pledge

Last night, concerned citizens and patriots – many donned in red, white, and blue - peacefully descended upon St. Louis Park City Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance Controversy

Last night, concerned citizens and patriots – many donned in red, white, and blue – peacefully descended upon St. Louis Park City Hall.

Numerous Patriots waved American flags before packing inside for ‘study session’ in a follow up after five members of St. Louis Park City Council voted to drop the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings due to it making “some feel unwelcome.”

The meeting was peaceful, but at times heated; the entire room of attendees stood up and recited the Pledge of Allegiance on a few occasions. Those sitting in on the meeting were not allowed to give comments or input, however, several did interject comments on a few occasions as council members revisited the issue with their varying opinions and observations.  

Mayor Jake Spano addressed the room, “The last thing that I would say, uh, is that I think it’s okay for us to say, as a counsel, to say ‘you know what, we didn’t think that this would be a big deal’ – but clearly it is.”  

“And that’s a problem in itself!” a woman quipped as the rest of the room stirred with commotion.  

Those in attendance remained civil and but shifted irritably in particular when it came to one member’s turn to speak; Tim Brausen strongly defended the position to remove the pledge and remarked: 

“People are upset because, evidently, here in Minnesota, we’re playing around with their ‘hallowed traditions’.”

He was immediately challenged and met with hot commotion to his remarks that many found disrespectful and condescending.  

The mayor and some council members sided with reinstating the pledge while others believed more community input and ‘study’ was needed before making any final decision. 

The fact that we’re having to debate reciting the Pledge of Allegiance truly reflects how much our country is in trouble. The controversial decision to remove the pledge was made because council members believed it intimidated certain groups of people and newer residents.  

However, the pledge represents all. If you are ‘afraid’ of it, you’ve been indoctrinated by the far-left progressives of this country who inspire division and partisan politics in our culture with the biased media. If you’re offended or uncomfortable – I question if one truly wants to assimilate with the rest of the country and if one is proud to be here – we all bleed the same.

The pledge will not be recited for now, but more discussion is to come with yet to incorporate community input – the next council’s study session July 22. 

President Donal Trump tweeted his support for the citizens trying to restore the Pledge of Allegiance.


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