Committee member who will help pick next St. Paul police chief wants to defund police

A woman who wants to abolish the police, believes policing is "founded on slave patrol" and refers to the United States as "Amerikkka" will help select St. Paul's new police chief.

Image from St. Paul Police Department

St. Paul has appointed someone who seems to hate the police to a large committee in charge of choosing the city’s next police chief.

The city recently created a Chief of Police Examining Committee, comprised of about 40 individuals who will recommend five candidates to the mayor to replace current Chief Todd Axtell in June after his retirement. Appointees will be responsible for reviewing applications for the chief of police position, conducting interviews, and leading community engagement throughout the process.

One appointee, Karen Larson, thinks the city shouldn’t have a police department at all. “Abolish the police,” she posted on Facebook just two months ago.

Karen Larson Facebook post (Facebook)

She also promotes the theory that policing is “founded on slave patrol and white supremacy.”

She refers to the United State as “Amerikkka” with three Ks like the Klu Klux Klan.

When Judge Regina Chu sentenced officer Kimberly Potter to 24 months for the accidental shooting of Daunte Wright, Larson lashed out, accusing the judge of being “an embarrassment” to Asian people.

When no charges were filed against the police who accidentally shot Breonna Taylor, she promoted the theory that white people are allowed to do things other races are prohibited from doing, using the Twitter phrase “sounds about white.” Taylor was killed in the crossfire when a drug dealer she was staying with opened fire on police officers raiding his home.

Karen Larson’s Facebook post (Facebook)

The committee to vet potential police chiefs was created with “gender, racial, and economically diverse membership representing multiple perspectives,” the city said. “Members have a strong interest in improving Saint Paul and are committed to attending all meetings.”

However, St. Paul police union president Mark Ross feels the city has failed in selecting committee members.

“It’s important to have objective people on this committee without any bias. We need people who are neutral. Is it really constructive to have someone like that at the table?” he asked.

Alpha News reached out to Larson but did not receive a response. The director of operations for the St. Paul City Council confirmed that the comments referenced above were made by the same Karen Larson who will serve on the committee.


Pafoua Yang

Pafoua Yang is a reporter for Alpha News. She has worked as an on-air reporter for stations across the Twin Cities.