‘Confuse voters’: Group promoting DFL slammed for ‘protect life’ billboard

A new group imitating Minnesota's oldest pro-life organization has launched a billboard campaign that some believe is designed to "confuse voters."

A Minnesota group promoting the state's DFL Party appears to be imitating the pro-life organization Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) in a new billboard campaign. (Jeremy Munson/Twitter)

A Minnesota group promoting the state’s DFL Party appears to be imitating the pro-life organization Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) in a new billboard campaign.

“The Minnesota DFL ripped off MCCL, and went all-in creating ‘Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Democracy’ to confuse voters about limitless abortions and eroding the value of life,” former state Rep. Jeremy Munson wrote on Tuesday, sharing a photo of the billboard in question.

The billboard reads, “Affordable healthcare for ALL. Protect life vote DFL.” The billboard says it was paid for by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Democracy (MCCD), which was confirmed by the ad agency that owns the billboard. Many of MCCL’s own billboards include the phrase “protect life.”

A website for the organization, MCCD, cannot be found online and the group did not have any social media presence at the time of publication.

In fact, searching “Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Democracy” pulls up MCCL’s website and social media pages.

MCCL is a pro-life organization that’s been operating in Minnesota since 1968. The group works to promote pro-life legislation in the state and backs pro-life candidates.

“Every member of the human family has equal human rights. Every innocent human being deserves protection from lethal violence. That’s the pro-life view,” MCCL’s website states.

MCCD is registered with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board as a political committee. The chair of the group is Sharon Anderson and the treasurer is named Melissa Olson. Neither responded to Alpha News’ requests for comment.

Don Parker, one of MCCL’s co-executive directors, said the billboard’s message contains a “dark irony.”

“There’s a dark irony in DFL supporters claiming that they want to ‘protect life,’” Parker said. “Almost every DFL lawmaker voted this year for abortion without limits, all the way up to birth — even when babies feel excruciating pain. Nearly every DFL lawmaker also voted to deprive newborns of the right to lifesaving care. These actions are extreme and callous, and they show an utter disregard for the most vulnerable members of the human family.”


Hayley Feland

Hayley Feland previously worked as a journalist with The Minnesota Sun, The Wisconsin Daily Star, and The College Fix. She is a Minnesota native with a passion for politics and journalism.