Congressmen: Don’t fall for Nancy Pelosi’s elaborate January 6 coverup

Today's spectacle won't surpass the committee's past misconduct. They already blew the roof off Congress, bulldozed its pillars, dug up the foundations, then lit it all on fire.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at the California Democratic Party State Convention in 2019. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)
Jim Banks | Jim Jordan | Troy Nehls | Kelly Armstrong | Rodney Davis 

(Daily Caller News Foundation) — The January 6 Committee has subpoenaed over 100 Americans, interviewed nearly 1,000 witnesses, and obtained nearly 100,000 pages of evidence. Today, for the first time, they will share a tiny slice of those findings with the public.

Their series of hearings will include footage from the riot, tapes of interviews, a dramatic soundtrack, bombastic speeches and maybe even tears, all carried live in primetime by nearly every major network. Jamie Raskin, who sits on the committee, bragged that the hearing will “blow the roof off the House.”

But today’s spectacle won’t surpass the committee’s past misconduct. They already blew the roof off Congress, bulldozed its pillars, dug up the foundations, then lit it all on fire.

Ten months ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi took, in her words, the “unprecedented step” of blocking two of us — Jim Jordan and Jim Banks — from serving on the committee. So, the Select Committee became the first committee in the history of Congress to have the majority refuse to seat the minority party selections.

Once Democrats got complete control, they began trampling Americans’ constitutional rights. They trashed their due process protections, subpoenaed over a dozen Americans for the sole crime of planning First Amendment protected, legal and permitted political rallies, lied to witnessesdoctored text messages and made false accusations. The committee ignored House transparency rules and even the rules Democrats wrote to govern its conduct.

All these abuses were meant to punish Democrats’ political opponents, which is the committee’s overarching goal. That’s why the committee referred four former Trump administration officials for prosecution by the Biden Department of Justice for non-compliance with their subpoenas, but never tried to enforce one of those subpoenas in court.

A few weeks ago, the Select Committee struck its death blow to bipartisanship and precedent by subpoenaing members of Congress, including the Republican leader.

CNN and MSNBC will provide breathless, wall-to-wall coverage of today’s hearing, but they and the rest of the mainstream media have silently encouraged the Committee’s misbehavior for the past year.

If you tune into today’s hearing, you won’t hear about the security failure at the Capitol. How did an unorganized mob break into the Capitol? Why was National Guard assistance delayed? Why didn’t the Capitol Police have sufficient riot equipment? Why was nobody warned?

The Committee hasn’t answered those questions because Speaker Pelosi oversees Capitol security. She blocked Republicans from the committee, the committee declared her off-limits, and the speaker’s office refused to cooperate with the Senate’s investigation into January 6 — all to coverup Pelosi’s negligence that day.

The five of us responded by starting an independent investigation. We’ve uncovered overwhelming evidence of Speaker Pelosi’s responsibility for the security failure at the Capitol, and we will prove it in public soon. But the Democrats’ coverup still comes with a cost; our investigation lacks the committee’s resources and subpoena power, which could’ve been used to make the Capitol and USCP officers safer in the future.

Most importantly, tonight, and once a week for the next two months, most major networks won’t say a word about inflation, gas prices, formula shortages, the border crisis, crime, or any of the problems that matter to Americans. The primetime political theater is an attempt to distract from these issues and avoid addressing the many crises created under Joe Biden.

For Democrats, that will be the committee’s crowning achievement.

Reps. Banks, Jordan, Armstrong, Nehls and Davis were originally appointed to serve on the January 6th Select Committee by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, before Speaker Pelosi made the historically unprecedented choice to block Banks and Jordan from sitting on the Select Committee. Leader McCarthy pulled his remaining three appointees in protest.


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