Dakota Access Pipeline Ordered to Shut Down by Federal Judge

"We will be immediately pursuing all available legal and administrative processes... "

Photo by Free-Photos--242387
Photo by Free-Photos--242387

Federal Judge Boasberg has ruled that the Dakota Access Pipeline must be shut down, and not allow oil through for 13 months.

The pipeline has been ordered to empty by August 5th, and stay closed until the Army Corps of Engineers has created an Environmental Impact Statement, which could take 13 months. 

Though Judge Boasberg has claimed the negative effects of his decision are worth it, many disagree, and the threat of legal battle is rising.

“We will be immediately pursuing all available legal and administrative processes and are confident that once the law and full record are fully considered Dakota Access Pipeline will not be shut down and that oil will continue to flow,” said Energy Transfer Partners.

This order comes after demonstrations by Native Americans, who claimed concerns over water quality in their protests. Judge Boasberg said in his official opinion of the memorandum that the protesters’ goals are not safe, “Today they finally achieve that goal — at least for the time being.”

“Clear precedent favoring vacatur during such a remand coupled with the seriousness of the Corps’ deficiencies outweighs the negative effects of halting the oil flow for the thirteen months that the Corps believes the creation of an EIS will take,” said Judge Boasberg.

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