DFL Chair Begs Democrats To Support Ilhan Omar

Minnesota Democrats seem very concerned with getting people to vote for Ilhan Omar and not her primary challenger.

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar

Ken Martin, the chair of Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL), sent out an email begging Democrats to support Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as she faces primary opposition.

Omar presently represents her state’s 5th District. However, she faces stiff opposition from another progressive, Antone Melton-Meaux, who says that Omar hasn’t done enough for her own constituents. Martin’s message, sent out on Wednesday, seems to be aimed at counteracting that narrative.

Martin’s letter begins by quoting Senator Paul Wellstone: “‘Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.’ In the case of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who represents Minnesota’s Fifth District, it truly is,” the letter says.

It then goes on to list how Omar has purportedly improved lives by calling for taxpayer funds to repair the damages caused by George Floyd rioters, demanding for more regulation of the police and more.

Martin’s email. (Twitter/David Brauer)

Despite these items praised by the DFL, Omar’s challenger, says that she simply “doesn’t work for us [Minnesotans].”

“Rep. Omar has the seventh-worst attendance record for missed votes among first-term representatives,” he points out. “From October to December last year, she missed more votes than 94% of Congress. That doesn’t work for us.”

This sort of rhetoric won over a prominent Minnesota Black Lives Matter leader, Nekima Levy Armstrong, who said back in April that she no longer supports the congresswoman.

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Meanwhile, Minnesota’s Attorney General Kieth Ellison has joined Martin in his cause of promoting Omar. Ellison has been hard at work trying to convince his supporters on Twitter that they should turn out for the freshman representative in the primary election, adding that he has already voted for her via early absentee ballot.

If Omar defeats Melton-Meaux, she will then have to campaign against a conservative challenger, Lacy Lee Johnson, who has blasted her calls to dismantle the police department as Minneapolis/St. Paul is wracked by violent crime.

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Kyle Hooten

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