Drag brunch advertisement says kids as young as 4 should bring cash tips

“Bring plenty of dollar bills so you can tip the performers,” the Eventbrite page states.

Drag brunch
St. Cloud Pride Drag Brunch 2022 performers. (Facebook/St. Cloud Pride)

A St. Cloud Pride drag brunch, advertised for kids as young as 4 years old, tells attendees to bring cash tips.

“Bring plenty of dollar bills so you can tip the performers,” the Eventbrite page states. “They work hard to create these characters for you — show them your appreciation by tipping!”

Social media posts about the event tell participants to dress “loud and proud.”

The brunch is set to take place this weekend and is being held at the Best Western in St. Cloud. The event includes a breakfast buffet and three hours of drag performances.

It’s advertised to kids starting at age 4. The brunch will feature performers Dexter Mane Love, Dakota Hunter, Rose Nylon, Anastasia C. Principle, Azalia Selena Cruz, and Gemini Valentine. The event details explain they will be performing “Pride numbers.”

The drag brunch tips, which tell the audience to bring cash to give the performers, also says that those in attendance, including children, should “sing along and interact” with the drag “kings and queens.”

Another tip explains that “consent is mandatory” and asks guests not to touch or hug performers without asking their permission first.

The brunch is a fundraiser for St. Cloud Pride. The group also runs other events throughout the year including “QueerConnects” and a September Park and Pride Drag Show.

St. Cloud Pride also hosts “gender-affirming haircuts,” partnering with a local salon to give kids ages 3 to 17 haircuts that fit their gender. The posts say that parental consent must be provided.

St. Cloud Pride’s 2022-2023 sponsors include Newport Academy, Target Corporation, Planned Parenthood, MPR News, New Horizon Academy, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota.


Hayley Feland

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