Eden Prairie Resident Collecting Cards for Officers in Fourth Precinct

An Eden Prairie resident is giving back to the police officers of Minneapolis’ Fourth Precinct.  Betsy, who asked us not to publish her last name, is collecting gift cards and hand-written thank you notes for all 125 officers.  Betsy is a long time resident of Eden Prairie and works as real estate agent.  She says she loves to give back to her community, particularly around the holidays, saying, “My parents always taught me ‘to whom much is given, much will be required.’  I’m trying to teach my children the same.”

Betsy chose to do something special for the police officers after seeing a video of protesters throwing rocks and swearing at the officers.  Betsy says the video made her “blood boil” saying, “I thought to myself, ‘who would put up with this? How do these men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day do this job?’”

The protesters in the video she references are with Black Lives Matter, who are protesting the police shooting of Jamar Clark.  Clark was shot by police on November 15th.   Protesters are demanding that the video footage of the shooting be released, saying they believe Clark was handcuffed during the incident.  Lawyers for the Minneapolis Police Department released a statement saying Clark was not handcuffed at the time of the shooting and proceeded to “seize control of an officer’s handgun.”   Black Lives Matter protesters are still demanding the footage.

Betsy says so far she has collected 26 gift cards for the officers, with commitments of 36 more, as well as 64 homemade cards, saying children all over Eden Prairie have been helping out.  Betsy is hoping to get enough hand-written notes and gift cards for each of the officers in the 4th precinct. To donate letters or gift cards to the officers, express mail materials to PO Box 46383 Eden Prairie, MN 55344.  Betsy says she will be dropping off the gifts over the weekend.

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