Editorial: HD 23B must decide: Drain the Swamp or Add to it

Senator Al DeKruif is a retired Minnesota State Senator. He currently serves as Chair of Le Sueur County Republicans. This was originally published on his personal Facebook page and was reprinted here with permission from the author with no changes.

Tony Cornish just spit in the eye of every Republican Caucus goer that voted for delegates to represent them at their County Conventions and for the responsibility of endorsing candidates for the Minnesota House and Senate. He did so by personally endorsing someone other than the GOP endorsed candidate. These delegates are the folks we ask to vet the candidates and endorsed the best one. Tony’s judgment has been compromised; in more ways than one!

I will miss Tony for his work on 2nd Amendment rights and his work for law enforcement. His spending, public union support and willingness to raise taxes were not his strong suit. Tony liked and voted for big government. You might not know that without looking at his voting record.

Tony used the system when it was convenient for him but now he wants a say as to who represents us HD23B. I don’t think he deserves a say in that because his judgment has been compromised as evidenced by his actions. Tony resigned and left us facing a Special Election, and that is totally on him.
Both Republican candidates worked through the process and asked for the delegates to support them. After the vote was taken, over 75% of the delegates voted for Jeremy Munson, overwhelming I’d say.

Jeremy is the candidate that will work to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, your freedoms in Minnesota, and on top of that, he runs a business that helps companies run more efficiently. We sure could use that in the State House! He’s been endorsed by MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) and has received top scores from the gun groups in Minnesota. I’ve been to the gun range with Jeremy and knows he has a healthy respect for our rights. Jeremy has also signed a pledge to not raise our taxes and I believe he will work to lower them.

Draining the swamp of insider politicians in the Minnesota House who want to control us, must start here by not allowing them to defeat Jeremy Munson because he is “conservative”. We need true conservatives in St Paul that are willing to fight for us and not work against us behind our backs for the big government insiders and lobbyists, just because Cornish wants us to. Have you looked at how much government has grown and taxes have made us not competitive with other states since Cornish took office?

We don’t need people that want to make government bigger and look to bring home the “Pork” for their special interests and bike trails. We need roads, bridges, and infrastructure to get our grain to market and encourage business growth in Southern Minnesota. Jeremy knows this.

Jeremy’s opponent didn’t gain the respect of the delegates and now I have to wonder if he is just another politician that says one thing and does another.

Mr Cornish, we are facing a Special Election because you resigned your seat. Apparently, you resigned the seat to protect yourself from a lawsuit for questionable actions. If you did something wrong, I understand you resigning, but I think that also disqualifies you from imposing your poor judgment on us in this election. You now lost our trust. Your attempt to defeat a true conservative in Jeremy Munson for someone that will be a supporter of the status quo power brokers and lobbyists in the State House is not appreciated by this former State Senator.

Tony, leave this process to us now in your retirement and enjoy hunting.

Senator Al DeKruif, retired
Le Sueur County Republicans, Chair

Alpha News Staff
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