Emmer Wants You To Be Able To Fill Out Your Taxes On a Post Card

Rep. Tom Emmer’s vision for tax reform includes simplifying the tax code enough that Americans can fill out their tax returns on a post card.

Rep. Tom Emmer Credit: House.gov

RAMSEY, Minn. – Rep. Tom Emmer is ready for tax reform, saying the tax code is “too complicated” and needs to be simplified.

On Tuesday, Emmer shared his goals for tax reform at a forum hosted by the Minnesota chapter of the group Americans for Prosperity.

“It’s way too complicated, too large. It’s not efficient, and it’s certainly not fair,” Emmer said. “For individuals, it’s about streamlining the code. It’s about making the IRS accountable, making it more transparent.”

“I expect that you will see the seven brackets go down to three brackets,” Emmer added.

Echoing the goals of the House Ways and Means Committee, Emmer’s vision includes simplifying the tax code enough that Americans can fill out their tax returns on a post card.

“The goal is to allow Americans to fill out their taxes on a post card. If that kind of simplification comes to pass, it will be phenomenal. It will take out a lot of special interests.”

While simplification would require eliminating some deductions and exemptions, Emmer is confident some of the most common deductions, like the mortgage interest deduction and the charitable contribution deduction, will stay in place.

The House Ways and Means Committee has released a sample of what a postcard tax filing would look like.

Credit: House Ways and Means Committee

Emmer also addressed the corporate tax burden, saying he expects it will be lowered to 22 to 25 percent. He also says the focus has to be on small businesses.

“Anything we can do to lighten the load for our small businesses, our entrepreneurs that are just starting out and creating tomorrow’s big business will have a huge impact today and on the future of this state and this country,” Emmer said.

Keen on not repeating the recent challenges Republican leaders faced with health care, Emmer advised Republicans to gain consensus before tackling tax reform. He also anticipates a return of health care if Republicans can succeed in passing tax reform.

“I think everyone has learned from our recent experience on health care that it’s probably a wise idea to have an agreement with the House, the Senate, and the White House before we move forward with tax reform,” Emmer said. “Don’t be surprised if the health care experience comes back before the end of the year, because it will. I think depending on how we do with taxes, it could be a much different scenario.”

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Christine Bauman