EXCLUSIVE: Minneapolis ‘Marxist School’ speakers praise ‘insurrectionary’ nature of 2020 riots

Others reveled in the fact that the "conditions for the socialist revolution exist in this country today" while warning that failing to "commit fully to the ideas of Marxism" will result in death.

A "Marxist School" hosted by the International Marxist Tendency in Minneapolis this September featured speakers who praised the 2020 George Floyd riots and implied that similar "socialist" uprisings will take place in the future.

A “Marxist School” hosted by the International Marxist Tendency in Minneapolis this September featured speakers who praised the 2020 George Floyd riots and implied that similar “socialist” uprisings will take place in the future.

“What the capitalists are most afraid of is the anger of the masses,” one of the speakers said in recordings of the two-day gathering obtained by Alpha News. “The United States is a powder keg.”

The speakers referenced groups of protesters outside the event, telling attendees to not engage with them.

One speaker claimed that around 20% of American youth agree with communist ideas.

“People will take action if they think these things. Just three years ago, the George Floyd movement demonstrated that tens of millions of people were willing to come out on the street and defy police repression in order to express their outrage against racism and police brutality. And the movement at times reached a near insurrectionary character, particularly here in Minneapolis,” one speaker commented, exclaiming, “yeah!” as attendees cheered.

“The poor old police precinct,” the speaker said to the laughter of the group, referencing the Third Precinct police station that was burned to the ground during the Minneapolis riots.

The speakers explained that the purpose of the school was to help attendees “find communists.”

“This school is a launch pad to raise the political understanding of all of its attendants, you guys, and prepare them for exactly what needs to be done to find communists and build up the revolutionary Marxist tendency across the Midwest, the rest of the United States,” one speaker said.

Speakers also discussed their opposition to both President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden taking the White House again in 2024.

“And no matter, by the way, who takes that position in the White House, things are sure to heat up. Chaos will ensue. A Biden return to the White House will see the standard of living continue to plummet as we’ve seen during his presidency, as he is also a representative of the ruling class. In Europe, country after country are experiencing upheavals in their economies.”

One speaker said he believes a similar movement to the George Floyd riots is “being prepared” on a “much higher level.”

“The year 2024 is shaping up to become an extremely chaotic one. The chaos surrounding the elections will certainly be one element, but probably one of many. If Trump is reelected, we can, which can certainly well happen, we should expect angry mass demonstrations the minute that it’s announced. If Biden is reelected, we can’t say exactly what Trump’s base is going to do after another rigged election, but we know that they’re going to do something. But comrades, all of the objective conditions for the socialist revolution exist in this country today,” the speaker said.

“We can’t say exactly when the revolution is going to break out, but it will be likely sooner than you may think,” he added.

“Comrades, we want the f–ing world,” another speaker told the group.

One speaker led the group in a call and response, telling them that they shouldn’t go home and be “meek and quiet and shy.”

“Comrades, every single person in this room needs to go home and commit themselves fully to the ideas of Marxism. Because if we don’t, and I’m being blunt here, all of us will die. And I do not say that lightly,” he said. “The cost of failure is death, and we all need to commit ourselves appropriately to that cause. So, comrades, I urge all of you to go home, to organize this fight, to stand up for the revolution. Comrades, onward to a thousand. No f—k that. Onward to a million.”

At the end of the two-day event, the group sang the Internationale, the anthem of the Soviet Union.

Minnesota GOP Chairman David Hann released a statement about the Marxist School in which he raised concerns about the presence of communism “in our own backyards.”

“In the last election, three candidates aligned with the Democratic Socialists Party were elected to the Minneapolis City Council. They now represent 25% of the council. Additionally, all six of the candidates endorsed by Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America — including four state lawmakers — won their races. The results effectively doubled the size of the DSA-aligned caucus at the state legislature. One member won a House leadership post last week,” he said.

The U.S. chapter of the International Marxist Tendency responded to Hann in an anonymous statement by expressing their determination to “achieve the socialist revolution in our lifetime.”

“You’re right about one thing. The communists are back! We’re more determined than ever, and our movement is growing stronger every day,” the organization wrote.

The organization’s Minneapolis branch has been actively engaged in protesting for “Palestinian liberation” in the wake of Hamas’ invasion of Israel.

The International Marxist Tendency did not respond to Alpha News’ request for comment.


Hayley Feland

Hayley Feland previously worked as a journalist with The Minnesota Sun, The Wisconsin Daily Star, and The College Fix. She is a Minnesota native with a passion for politics and journalism.