Fischbach: You will not be safe in Biden’s America

Image credit: Twitter via @FischbachMN7

When my husband Scott and I were first starting our family in Paynesville, a small town in western Minnesota, I developed a great appreciation for our small town police force. In fact, they were one of the reasons I decided to run for public office.

Our city council was having budget constraints, and they were considering funding changes to our police department. I knew that having our own police force was an integral part of our community, and it was always a great benefit to have those officers close by to serve and protect us. I believed that we could balance our city’s budget and protect our police service. So I ran, and won a seat on the city council. We still have our great Paynesville city police on hand to keep us safe.

In 2012 I was serving in the Minnesota State Senate when Officer Tommy Decker, who lived and worked in my district, was killed in the line of duty. I think of him, his family, and their ultimate sacrifice often.

When I had the honor to serve Minnesota as the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, I had the great fortune of being protected by Minnesota State Troopers. I always looked forward to riding with them and talking to them. My son-in-law had been a state trooper, so I know what law enforcement officers and their families go through and sacrifice for their commitment to service.

That brings us to these past months, where I have seen law enforcement not rewarded but attacked, and it makes me sick. We have seen prominent Democrat office holders talk of defunding, dismantling, and abolishing our police. In Minneapolis we saw the Democrats in City Hall turn their backs on the police, and allow a police precinct to fall to militant rioters, who burned it before our very eyes. For days, our Democrat governor let our cities burn and our citizens live in fear of armed criminals, who were left to loot and destroy at will before enough of our State Troopers and National Guard were brought in to restore order.

Our police officers were overwhelmed, under siege, and left without support in an impossible situation. Time and again we see the radical left proposing to undermine and even eliminate our brave law enforcement departments. At the very time when anarchists take over cities and violent crime skyrockets, it demonstrates the critical role police play in our society.

We know Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress will not back up our men and women in blue. That is why I am running for Congress: I want to go to Washington to fire Nancy Pelosi. I also want to work with our president, to restore law and order and to make sure all of our brave uniformed officers, deputies, and troopers know that we the people support them, that we Back the Blue!

On the other hand, Joe Biden, who is now controlled by the radical extremists of his party, would be a threat to our safety and security with his calls to “redirect” police funding, which is an attempt to disguise his support for defunding the police.

I know, and President Trump knows, that our law enforcement officers take their commitment to serve and protect not just as a job, but as a commitment to our communities. They deserve our respect and support.

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Michelle Fischbach is a proud mother and grandmother who served as the first female President of the Senate in Minnesota’s state history and also as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota.


Michelle Fischbach