Fr. Altman calls out bishops who have ‘wounded body of Christ’ at canceled priests rally

The event was organized after pro-abortion mayor Lori Lightfoot, a lesbian and non-Catholic, received Holy Communion.

Fr. Altman speaks at a rally Friday in Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Coalition for Canceled Priests)

The Coalition for Catholic Priests (CFCP) held a “Rally and Rosary of Reparation” Friday in Chicago on the city’s north side in Lincoln Park.

The event, which featured Fr. James Altman, was organized after pro-abortion mayor Lori Lightfoot, an active lesbian and non-Catholic, received Holy Communion during a funeral Mass that Cardinal Blasé Cupich presided over last month.

The CFCP stated that by allowing Lightfoot to receive the Eucharist, Cupich caused “confusion and scandal to the laity.”

At the rally, Fr. Altman spoke about what true obedience looks like and how Catholics must “hold fast” to the traditions of the faith. He had criticisms for three prelates in particular — Bishop William Callahan from the Diocese of La Crosse, Cardinal Blasé Cupich of Chicago, and Pope Francis.

“Obedience is not blind subservience,” he remarked. “I’m here to help” priests who are under attack from “these monsters in miters.”

“The 10 Commandments were written in stone for a reason,” he also exclaimed, referencing comments made by Francis recently where he stated that he does not follow the commandments as “absolutes.”

At the end of his talk, Altman played a video message from traditional Catholic actor and film director Mel Gibson. Gibson expressed his support for many of the views taken by Archbishop Carlo Viganò regarding Vatican II and the crisis in the Church.

Among those who spoke alongside Altman at the rally were pro-life filmmaker Jason Jones and Catholic commentator David L. Gray from Guadalupe Radio.

On the event’s stage was a sign that read, “Reparation Now! Catholics standing up for fidelity to Christ where our Bishops won’t. Coming soon to dioceses around America.”

In July, Fr. Altman made a $100,000 donation to the Coalition for Canceled Priests. During a video interview with Coalition co-founder Fr. John Lovell, Altman said he was happy to help priests have the resources to fight the “tyrants” who are silencing them.



Stephen Kokx

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