Frank Drake Endorsed by GOP to Face off Against Keith Ellison

(photo via Frank Drake's Facebook)

On November 6, 2016 recently endorsed Republican Frank Drake will take on Congressman Keith Ellison in a battle to represent Minnesota’s fifth congressional district. Ellison, the liberal congressman made waves as the second congressman to vocally support Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) for the Presidency. A stark contrast in background and policy preferences separate Drake and Ellison.

Frank Drake is a fifth generation Minnesotan who has spent most of his life in the metropolitan area.  Drake graduated from the University of Santa Clara in 1982 with a B.A. in Economics and French. For 32 years, he has served as a real estate agent, 24 of which have been with Edina Real Estate.

On Drake’s Facebook Page, he explains why he believes this election is very important and consequential, stating, “This Congressional Election determines whether the Middle Class, our Seniors, our Constitutional, our Conservative, and our Independent Voters will be further marginalized (and basically taken for Granted) by Society, the Media, and the Federal Government.”

Drake says he believes the 2nd amendment should not be infringed upon, the power to craft education policy should be left to localities, that the government’s purpose is to leave individuals alone and help them pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and in increasing competition in the marketplace.

Ellison has been a Minnesotan since 1990, when he moved to the state to attend the University of Minnesota Law School.  Following law school, Ellison served the community as an activist, as well as operated a civil rights, employment, and criminal defense law practice. Ellison was elected to serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives for two terms as well (District 58B, 2002-2006).

Since 2007, Ellison has represented the state’s most diverse district in the United States House of Representatives. According to his website, Ellison’s governing philosophy is based upon “generosity and inclusion.” In addition he states his priorities in Congress are, “building prosperity for working families, promoting peace, pursuing environmental sustainability, and advancing civil and human rights.”

Drake faces an uphill battle to win in November. Congressional District 5 has not been represented by a Republican since 1963.

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Blake Kraussel