NRCC: Minnesota Congresswoman Co-Sponsors Free Healthcare For Illegals Bill

Angie Craig signed on to sponsor a bill that the NRCC says will give illegal aliens taxpayer-funded healthcare.

Angie Craig
Angie Craig

Angie Craig, a Democrat congresswoman from Minnesota, has signed on to cosponsor a potentially far-left bill.

The bill, HR6637, purportedly exists “to improve the health of minority individuals.” The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) says this bill is aimed at providing free healthcare for illegal aliens. However, the official text of the proposed legislation has yet to be made publicly available.

If the NRCC is correct and HR 6637 is actually designed to give free healthcare to non US-citizens, the bill could saddle the American taxpayer with a $23,000,000 per year responsibility. The Center for Immigration Studies says that this gargantuan dollar figure would be required to give “illegal immigrants access to the existing system of government health benefits for low-income people.”

Craig’s move to align herself with the bill puts her in the company of another Minnesota congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, who is an original cosponsor. This move also indicates yet again that Craig’s actual ideology may be further left than her campaign messaging, something that has not gone unnoticed in the past.

Her Republican 2020 opponent Tyler Kistner put out a statement late last month reminding Minnesotans that while Craig says she’s a moderate when she’s campaigning at home she actually votes 97% in alignment with Nancy Pelosi while she’s in D.C.

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The National Republican Congressional Committee’s voting tracker reveals that Craig is hardly a bipartisan voter.
Craig’s cosponsorship of HR 6637 may put her in league with staunch progressives, but it does not make her the first Minnesota Democrat to consider extreme policy related to illegal immigrants and healthcare.
Omar says that illegal immigrants should receive taxpayer-funded abortions, per the Washington Examiner, while Senator Amy Klobuchar says that illegals should be given government sponsored healthcare, per the Washington Free Beacon.
Kyle Hooten

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