Fully Charged: How to bring America back

"We need to be reminded of the values that made us a great country," Kendall Qualls says on this week's episode of Fully Charged.

Kendall and Sheila Qualls (Alpha News)

Kendall and Sheila Qualls discuss wokeness in America on this week’s episode of Fully Charged.

“This is a leftist agenda using racial disparities to push a political movement,” said Kendall Qualls, founder and president of TakeCharge. “In the past few years, we’ve witnessed a strong push by the progressive left to transform the country into something it was never intended to be.”

“Woke’s gone wild. Biological men compete against women in sports, and we call it normal. Children mutilate their bodies and we call it ‘gender affirming,'” added Sheila Qualls, executive director of TakeCharge.

They encouraged Americans to embrace the freedoms that were embedded into the foundation of the country.

“We’ve stripped those teachings and values from schools, universities, and nearly half of all our homes. Virtue and morality are passé and the compass of ‘truth’ points in any direction you deem fit, regardless of the impact on others,” Mrs. Qualls said.

Mr. Qualls called on all Americans, regardless of party, to “demand an end to the craziness.”

“We need to be reminded of the values that made us a great country,” he said. “We’ve been living on the blessings of our grandparents for decades, and we don’t even realize it. Unfortunately, that tank will run empty if it isn’t refilled by a new generation.”

He recently published an article called “Welcome Back, America — we’ve missed you” in the Christian Post. In it, he details a reshaping of America with traditional values.

“I envisioned what our country will look like after we regained our senses,” he writes in the article. “Americans get a smack alert, and as quickly as it appeared, woke culture begins to dissipate. Un-woke trends begin to reshape the country and a new America emerges. And we welcome her back.”

This is what the “new” America looks like 10 years in the future:

1. We have a renewed appreciation for the Christian faith and the wisdom of our forefathers

2. Traditional public schools are no longer the standard for education

3. We laugh and cancel culture evaporates

4. Manufacturing and infrastructure expand in the U.S

5. Marriage becomes cool again, and people get married in their 20s



Alpha News Staff