The Google “Diversity” Memo, The Regressive Left & The Coming Purge Near You

"Political correctness is a war on noticing." -- Steve Sailer

In July, Google engineer James Damore wrote a straightforward and well documented ten page memo “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” Originally distributed to a small group of people, it was eventually sent to Google’s 40,000 employees and last week to the world. Damore accurately characterized Google’s workplace as one of rigid conformity and groupthink, all the while proclaiming itself truly diverse and open. Damore’s tone is civil and courteous throughout, taking pains to emphasize that he himself believed in the “mission” of Google.

For having taken Google at its word, Damore was promptly fired. The incident, and the memo that prompted it, became a worldwide story and for good reason. By cogently laying out the inherent contradictions in a commercial enterprise wholly captured by social justice warriors, Damore revealed the charade that is the “diversity” movement. For this, no punishment was too great. Google executives would no doubt have made him permanently unemployable had they the power. What this incident foretells is that in the near future, they very well may.

The memo can be read here. Initial postings by some media left out all of Damore’s citations. These are the same media who insist to be taken seriously. You should never.

* * * *

Beware of spin about the memo: anyone claiming it is anti-diversity or sexist in any manner either hasn’t read it or is willfully dishonest. From the number of such stories written in its wake, I’ve concluded probably both. There is a narrative here that media and the Regressive Left must protect at all costs, namely, that diversity for its own sake is an unalloyed good and any measures needed to increase it, such as quotas irrespective of talent, can be justified.

The Google memo fatally skewers that narrative, hence the histrionic reaction to it. Noting science based differences between genders, the memo led many female “Googlers” (the suicide inducing name management and employees give themselves) unable to come into work. Some characterized this collection of words as “violence.” This sounds like bad parody but it’s our reality.

The failure of mandated diversity isn’t news, or shouldn’t be. A decade ago, and proving the universe has a perverse sense of humor, no less than the New York Times published “The Downside of Diversity.” By almost any neutral measure of social or civic health, diversity damages us, it manifestly does not makes us stronger.

Responding to ridiculous claims, Debra Yoh, a PhD in sexual neuroscience, wrote “No, the Google manifesto isn’t sexist or anti-diversity. It’s science.” This is the only article you’ll need to rebut the uninformed, frequently malicious, gender pearl clutchers.  Slate outdid itself by running a story “Stop Equating ‘Science’ With Truth.” Fiction can’t compete. Damore’s memo made concrete suggestions as to how Google could change its workplace to help women succeed but that’s unhelpful to a narrative designed to destroy dissenting opinions.

Noting that Google itself uses well researched, well defined and well understood gender differences as a foundational element in its ad targeting–literally the lifeblood of Google–Gavin McInnes observed “Google Tech Fired For Using Google.” You get the drift: virtually everything claimed about the memo can be debunked either by actually reading it or using, well, Google. Give “DuckDuckGo” a try, though. It doesn’t track your searches or collect your data.

* * * *

The increased fascist intolerance of large social media platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube (currently demonetizing content it doesn’t like) has caused me to endorse the idea that they now occupy a space so ubiquitous in modern life that they properly ought to be regulated as utilities. The default cuck conservative view is “private entities can do what they like with free speech.”

Not for the first time, their approach leads to the control and permanent marginalization, if not persecution, of a population by far left mandarins. We don’t have to, nor should we, submit. The telephone company can’t cut off your service because of your political views. Neither should these large social media platforms. 1984 got it wrong: Big Brother wasn’t from the government, he was from your tech company.

Airbnb recently announced that it would refuse to rent to those whose political opinions it objected. This is the beginning of the beginning. Look for more corporations, captured by those on the Regressive Left, to use the apparently neutral tool of commerce to punish those guilty of Wrong Think. To be sure, what constitutes Wrong Think is ever changing but their power to coerce, punish and deny never wanes. It’s an easy prediction to make to say that increasingly people will be fired, or never hired, for what they believe. The commercialization of totalitarianism, as it were. Google now blacklists employees both inside and outside the company. Wrong Think, once attached to you, now accompanies you in your career.

On Twitter, a local television reporter termed the Google memo “idiotic” while a political reporter for a newspaper proudly declared she wasn’t going to read it. These are the types in Minnesota who demand you take them seriously. Well, knock yourself out, I certainly won’t. In fact, the real coverage of this story destroys the narratives they pretend to publish under “neutral journalism.” You can understand the threat to them that it represents. Consequently, they revert to what they do when a Minnesota Democrat generates bad publicity: ignore it.

* * * *

The diversity con, the failed experiment of multiculturalism, the sick attempt to extinguish traditional gender, the culture destroying forced mass immigration, all these have suffered pronounced and substantial setbacks. People have had enough. People have noticed. People are no longer silenced by being called racists or Nazis.

Trump destroyed political correctness in the last election, freeing a populace to face down the collective forces of Cultural Marxism. Media, entertainment, tech, all benefit from political correctness because they arrogate unto themselves the fearsome power to enforce it. Destroy political correctness and you’ve destroyed them.

That’s what the Google memo does and that’s why you see the reaction you do. You disobeyed them by not electing Hillary. Not only have they not forgotten that, they’re out for revenge.

Believe me.

* * * *

In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy where yesterday, proving the point of this article, he was called a racist. Sad!


John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter