Gov. Abbott tells Tucker he’s ‘prepared’ to face off with Biden

The Republican said the state is "prepared" in the event President Joe Biden heeds calls from Democrats to seize control of the Texas National Guard.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas speaks with Tucker Carlson over the phone. (Tucker Carlson/X)

(Daily Caller News Foundation) — Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas told Tucker Carlson in a video interview posted Friday that he is “prepared” if President Joe Biden decides to seize the state’s National Guard.

Abbott issued a scathing rebuke Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruled the Biden administration could cut concertina wire placed by the state on the border, saying Texas has full constitutional authority to “defend and protect” itself from illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border. The Republican said the state is “prepared” in the event President Joe Biden heeds calls from Democrats to seize control of the Texas National Guard.

“I would be shocked, because that would be a bone-headed move on his part, a total disaster,” Abbott told Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation. “But for one, as you might imagine, we are prepared in the event that unlikely event does occur, to make sure that we will continue exactly what we have been doing over the past month, and that is building these barriers, whether it be the concertina wire or other anti-climb border barriers.”

“We will continue to do exactly what we’re doing, to expand our denial of illegal entry into the state of Texas,” Abbott added.

The Texas Department of Public Safety took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a hotspot of illegal immigration, on Jan. 11 in the midst of ongoing legal battles between the state and the Biden administration. Abbott reminded the former Fox News host that he signed SB4, which makes illegal entry into Texas a misdemeanor.

Abbott also said that he sent Biden eight letters seeking help with the border.

“I have spoken to the president about the border, I met him on the tarmac at El Paso and talked to him directly about what is going on,” Abbott told Carlson. “I handed him a letter that had in it immediate solutions he could take that would immediately secure the border without the need of any new law to be passed.”

“Despite the fact I handed him altogether eight different letters, he has refused to respond,” Abbott continued. “My point in telling you that, we have laid down the precursor of what is called Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution to show that we have been invaded and we have demanded support from the president to safeguard our state, and they have refused to do so eight times, and that authorizes me to declare an invasion under Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution to make sure that Texas is going to be able to use every tool in our arsenal to defend our state.”

Abbott also said 10 other states that declared support for the state sent National Guard troops, adding that he hoped more of them would assist as Texas continued to erect barriers.

“This will all come to an end on January the 20th of next year, because I believe a new president will be sworn in, a president who will actually enforce the immigration laws of the entire country,” Abbott told Carlson.


Harold Hutchison