Group Calls for Dayton’s Veto on Bill to Block Minimum Wage Ordinances

Legislation would overturn current work-related requirements passed in Minneapolis and St. Paul

ST. PAUL, MN. – The group “15 Now Minnesota” is calling for DFL Governor Mark Dayton’s veto on legislation recently passed by the Minnesota State Senate. The legislation overturns paid sick-leave requirements passed in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and blocks Minnesota cities from raising the minimum wage.

The Senate voted 35-31 on the legislation. The House passed a similar version of the legislation in March.

15 Now Minnesota has organized several protests to not only protect paid sick leave and minimum wage ordinances in Minneapolis, but to push for statewide enactment of workplace rules.

Now, the group is calling for Dayton to use the power of the pen and veto the legislation, posting on Twitter:15 now tweet

According to the Star Tribune, Dayton said Thursday he’s worried that this legislation could lock in low wages across the state, saying the minimum wage should be high enough for full-time employees to reach the poverty line, amounting to roughly $12.50 per hour.

The final version of the legislation hasn’t made its way to Dayton’s desk yet, as the House and Senate still need to meet to hash out any differences between their versions of the bills.

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Julia Erynn