Gun Control Media Bias? Round Up The Usual Suspects

Student "protester" Josh Groven (behind upraised hand) attending swearing in Sen. Matt Little.

Last week Minnesota media either eagerly fell for, or willingly participated in, a propaganda extravaganza orchestrated by Regressive Leftist Senator Matt Little. Mimicking the students of Parkland High School (very little is original in Minnesota politics), a group of students “demanded” to speak with Sen. Warren Limmer about his statement that two gun grabbing bills previously tabled would not be brought to a vote.

As the day wore on, and more hive mind reporters covered the story, we were treated to breathless, at times over the top, reporting on this fake story. The narrative dutifully generated by the Left and their media allies was almost in saturations levels. This is how manufacturing the news is done.

The highlight of this morality play was a student interrupting the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Limmer. Instead of addressing the topic for which the committee was convened, he spouted talking points straight out of Every Town, a leading gun grabbing advocacy group. Warren promptly informed him his testimony was not germane and adjourned the hearing briefly when the actor refused to stop performing. The Committee later resumed proceedings, focusing on elder abuse.

The headline: brave student activists shut down Senate hearing after speaking truth to power. Well, that’s not a literal headline but it suffices as a summary for all of them. Mission accomplished: this is what the entire charade was designed to achieve. To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, it’s never the substance of the charge, it’s the seriousness of the allegations that’s the goldmine.

Still later in the day, the hapless puppets of Sen. Little were seen amassed outside Sen. Limmers office, demanding that they speak to him. Oh no, it was past their bedtime and the NRA stooge Limmer wouldn’t listen to the feelings of “the children?”

“Too good to check” is a tagline among the press for the attention grabbing headline of a possible story. The slightest checking of this story resulted in it being completely outed as false.

Limmer had indeed met with the students only early in the day, before the Committee hearing. This fact managed to be ignored by most of Minnesota media until well into the night.

But the goal of Little was to organize the students and sic them on Limmer. Some of the students’ Twitter accounts were made the day of the protest. The planted student who disrupted the Committee hearing? You can see him in a photo of Sen. Little’s swearing in. The protester is the son of Little’s debate coach. Can you say Pravda?

Sen. Little thoughtfully provided his unpaid astroturf participants lunch. Did he use state funds for this? Maybe our brave Daniel Pearls in local media would like to get on it.

So congratulations to all of Minnesota media for their deliberate malfeasance or participation in pulling off a stunt designed to mislead Minnesotans on an important issue. There’s a reason you’re held in contempt.

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John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter