‘He was murdered’: Father opens up about son’s vax death in heartbreaking interview

"They got out of the truck and started running to the park and he just collapsed," Ramirez said.  

Ernest Ramirez with his son, Ernesto, who died five days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

A Texas father mourning the loss of his 16-year-old son who died days after receiving the Pfizer COVID injection joined Liz Collin on Sunday on AM1280 The Patriot to share his heartbreaking story.

“My government lied to me. They said it was safe,” Ernest Ramirez said. “They need to stop pushing these on our kids.”

Ernesto Ramirez, Jr. died April 24, 2021.

“We went to get him vaccinated April 19. We were trying to do what we were supposed to do. Being a single parent I kind of kept him locked up. We didn’t go out. The only way he’d entertain himself was talk to his friends on the phone or play video games online,” his father said of the time during the pandemic.

Ramirez was vaccinated himself first and said he felt relieved when the shots became available for kids so they could start living their lives again.

Ernesto Ramirez/Jr’s Guardian Voice

“What they did here in the Rio Grande Valley was make it seem like everyone was catching COVID, everyone was going to the hospital, being put on ventilators and they weren’t coming out alive. Everyone was dying. That was the fear tactic they used,” he said.

“I believed their lies. My son and I were best friends,” Ramirez added.

It was five days later that his son was invited to hangout with a friend and his mom.

“They got out of the truck and started running to the park and he just collapsed,” Ramirez said.

His son was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Days later Ramirez was told it was myocarditis.

“I was suicidal, but I knew that would be the biggest sin and I’d never see my son again,” Ramirez said of the dark days that followed his son’s death.

“He was murdered,” Ramirez said.

He has been speaking out ever since, warning others.

Ramirez also discussed legal action against big tech due to censorship of his son’s story on social media.

You can listen to the full radio interview here.


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