Hennepin County cites ‘backlog,’ ‘low-staffing’ for delay in stocking Liz Collin’s book

The library is listing the book under the "conspiracy theories" genre.

Hennepin County
Liz Collin's book sits in a free library in Minneapolis. (Photo submitted to Alpha News)

Hennepin County Library patrons are wondering what’s with the months-long wait to check out Liz Collin’s bestselling book, “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” from the county’s 41 libraries.

The book has been stocked at libraries in Minnesota and others across the country after its release in October.

In December, the Hennepin County Library agreed to put the book on its shelves due to customer demand.

That has yet to happen in Minnesota’s largest county, where the story actually takes place.

Hennepin County Library Deputy Director J.R. Genett told Alpha News that four copies are still “being processed” at Ridgedale Library.

There are currently 98 people on hold awaiting the four copies.

Genett blamed a “book backlog” since the start of the pandemic when the processing area was closed for nine months.

She also cited short-staffing as a reason for the delay.

“It’s taking us 30 to 60 days to process books,” she said.

Readers have been asking about the delay since November when they started to request the book.

“We have 15 people processing 500,000 books a year,” Genett said. “That was closer to 20 pre-pandemic.”

Hennepin County is also the only library to use “conspiracy theory” as a subject heading when listing the book.

Genett says it’s because her library system uses “more subject headings than other libraries do.”

“It’s a popular genre,” she added.

Genett told Alpha News the books should be available to readers within a week.

On Twitter, others noted how conservative books were never picked up by the Hennepin County Library system after readers asked for them.

Meanwhile, the audiobook is now available featuring Liz Collin narrating along with others reading their own parts of the book.

Liz Collin has more book signings and presentations planned for March and April. That information can also be found here.


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