‘I should be dead’: Minnesota J6 defendant responds to new bodycam video 

Rochester resident Victoria White is facing multiple charges stemming from Jan. 6. In an interview with Alpha News, she condemned the "hatred toward conservatives" she's seen in America's justice system.

Victoria White, 41, of Rochester joined Liz Collin on her podcast this week.

A Minnesota woman is awaiting trial in May for multiple federal charges stemming from Jan. 6, 2021.

Victoria White, 41, of Rochester is speaking out after new body camera video from that day was obtained by The Epoch Times. She joined Liz Collin Reports this week.

The video from inside the lower west terrace tunnel at the U.S. Capitol is difficult to watch. It shows White being struck dozens of times by police with a collapsible metal baton over the course of four minutes. She was also punched in the head and sprayed with mace.

“This video was not turned over to myself and my attorney with our discovery so we can prepare for our case, which is actually illegal,” White said.

“My main focus is to stay alive, and not fall and be trampled and to be able to breathe because it’s so tight,” she recalled.

White maintains she never intended to enter the building and did not know the tunnel led to the Capitol. At one point, video shows White attempting to stop a group of men from breaking a window.

“I had stopped two men from breaking the Capitol windows. Then, they’re yelling things like, ‘Throw her in the window.’ So I got scared and I wanted to go up to the next tier. So I turned my attention toward the arch, which was the tunnel, which I had no idea it actually would eventually lead into the Capitol,” White said.

It was at this point that White was engulfed in the crowd.

“It’s like a tide or something just coming in. I’m just fighting to stay up,” she said.

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged White with six crimes, including violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. In a statement of facts, the FBI says White helped “hoist up another rioter” so he could access the tunnel.

“She can be seen inside the entranceway grabbing for one of the MPD officers standing on a ledge. As the video progresses, the MPD officers attempt to push White back with their riot shields and fend her off with a baton. White is seen in a red sweater, and it appears that she is attempting to grab a shield and uses her hand to block the baton,” the document says.

White pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

“I was just there to see Trump. I felt that they would see there’s no way that he lost the election. I thought it would just be like a typical Trump rally. And I had no idea we were going to go to the Capitol,” she said. “It was a joyous time until we got to the Capitol.”

“There were no signs saying do not come. No police shutting anything down. All you saw was a massive amount of people just waving flags, singing,” she added.

White was scheduled to enter into a plea agreement last month but she changed her mind.

“I never really wanted to in the first place. I just felt like I just want this all to be over,” she said.

Recent trip to D.C.

White recently traveled to D.C. and attended a vigil that is held nightly outside the jail where some of the defendants have been locked up for more than two years.

“My heart just broke and I think God allowed me to live for a reason. I have always thought that since that day, like I should be dead,” she said. “I believe I’m here to speak the truth and to tell people what happened that day. And what’s continuing to happen to American citizens, not just our rights are being stripped away, [but] our families are being destroyed.”

White filed her own lawsuit against the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. That lawsuit is currently on hold.

“The judge approved that I could come back after my criminal trial is done and pursue suing them,” she said.

Video shows White attempting to stop a group of men from breaking a window.

While her trial is scheduled for May 8, White’s attorney will ask for the trial to be pushed back to allow for additional time for discovery.

“The little bit that they allow the attorneys to be able to see and then show their clients — it’s just ridiculous. That’s why it’s really important that the 44,000 hours of video is made public so we can properly defend ourselves,” she said.

Alpha News asked if she regrets making that trip to D.C.

“Even though it’s ruined my life, I don’t regret it. Because I didn’t do anything wrong. I came to support my president and to let my face and voice be heard,” she said.

Nearly 1,000 people have been charged with federal crimes.

“Then they come in and put some kids in handcuffs, pointed guns with red dots on their spouses and their children,” White said. “It’s disgusting. It’s beyond disgusting.”



Liz Collin

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