If It Involves Guns, It Involves Minnesota Media Bias

Yes, we know: another winner for submitting another story showing the rank bias of Minnesota media when it comes to all things Second Amendment. Can Alpha News help it if our media is pro gun control? No, we cannot.

So congratulations to Bryan Strawser of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus for submitting this week’s winning entry. He’ll be receiving a $50 Visa gift card with which he can purchase more ammo or otherwise terrify the ignorant Left in the peaceful exercise of his Constitutional rights.

Strawser points out an appalling but too frequent tendency of the biased media when they have to report on an issue they don’t like: “cover” the event but ignore the main action and focus on protesters whose views align more closely with theirs. So it was with the recent, massive gun rally at the state Capitol.

This is what KSTP did: instead of reporting on the 3,000 to  4,000 people who showed up, the television station’s report spent half of the time focused on the 4-8 protesters that were holding a picnic 100 yards away on the lawn. There was no interview with any of the speakers or organizational representatives.

Think of it this way: a pro-abortion rally takes place and at least 50% of the airtime in a given story is with pro-life counter protesters. No time is given to the pro-aborts leadership or their message. We all know that that would never happen.

I asked Strawser about the egregious mis-coverage and he told me:

“Given the extensive coverage provided to the anti-gun side, it was disappointing to see a Twin Cities Television station devote half of their coverage to a small groups of 4-6 protesters when a rally of a few thousand people for gun rights occurred a short distance away.  Not a single speaker was interviewed from the event – despite their extensive records, significant positions, or comments about the public debate over firearms and violence.”

I can’t do better than that and local media can’t do worse than KSTP in this instance. Or can they? Stay tuned and please keep those media bias submissions coming. We’ll have another winner next Friday because local media bias is endless. Why shouldn’t you make a quick fifty bucks off of it?

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at minnesotaconservatives.org & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter