Jason Lewis Continues to Highlight Small Business Owners Hurt By Lockdowns

"Where has Senator Tina Smith been as small business owners like Brandon have cried out for help?”

Jason Lewis, Minnesota’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, recently met with small business owners who stood up for their right to work. He released the following statement after meeting with Brandon Reiter, owner of Plainview Wellness Center, a Minnesotan who defied the lockdown orders and reopened his business early.

“As I have said for months now,” emphasized Lewis, “this one-size-fits-all lockdown has crushed small businesses across our state. Many have gone under because of the top-down edict, and many more are hanging on by a thread.”

Brandon Reiter’s business, Plainview Wellness Center, almost became another lockdown casualty. 

Lewis commends how “Brandon decided he would rather go down fighting, and he boldly reopened his business early, defying the Governor’s lockdown orders. The state promptly threatened him with a cease and desist letter and a $1000 fine per day he remained open.” However, Brandon stood firm and refused to give in, knowing full well that the alternative meant going out of business.

“Where has Senator Tina Smith been as small business owners like Brandon have cried out for help?” Lewis asks.

“She promoted ‘righteous protests,’ but has sat idly by while state officials continue to suffocate small businesses and slow-walk reopening Minnesota. Meanwhile, for two months, I have traveled all over the state on our ‘Reopen Minnesota for Business’ RV tour, meeting with small business owners and helping them tell their stories and struggles.”

“And last month,” continues the Senate candidate, “I took the fight to the next level and filed a lawsuit against the state of Minnesota for the unconstitutional lockdown orders. The overreach from these unprecedented lockdowns goes beyond economic hardship and favoritism into the realm of threatening our most basic liberties. Like Brandon, we must be unafraid to stand up and fight for the right to life, liberty, and property.”

John Lucke