Jason Lewis Releases “American First” Commercial Addressing American Labor and Economy

“China is responsible for this pandemic, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say so.” - Jason Lewis

U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis recently released a commercial to lift the spirits of Minnesotans entitled, “America First.” Lewis further addresses the confusion that many Americans feel regarding the interests of our nation’s leaders in a statement separate from the commercial. 

Jason Lewis urges citizens to call out those who cause injustice in the world. He asserts that “China is responsible for this pandemic, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say so.” Lewis assures his constituency by saying, “when I’m your United States Senator, we are going to launch an unprecedented ‘Buy American’ initiative and break our country’s dependence on China. It is unacceptable that in a time of crisis we can’t depend on domestic supply chains for life-saving medicine and medical supplies.”

He calls to mind the example of Minnesota-based 3M. Last week, Lewis notes, “in response to revelations that their distributors were selling personal protective equipment abroad in the midst of a pandemic, 3M management said they had ‘secured approval from China to export to the U.S. 10 million N95 respirators manufactured by 3M in China.”

Lewis said he finds it ludicrous that American companies – especially Minnesotan companies – have to beg a Communist regime for permission to “send life-saving equipment back home in the midst of a pandemic.” He finishes by stating, “And yet, my opponent Senator Tina Smith, who coincidentally has taken $10,000 dollars from 3M, got on MSNBC this weekend to defend 3M management and defend her worldview that puts outsourcing first, and America second.”



“Hey Minnesota. We’ve been through a rough couple of weeks. But while you and I have been putting America First, too many politicians have been blocking economic relief, selling their stock, and outsourcing jobs to China. Heck, they won’t even admit that’s where the virus started. We need to buy American, put Minnesota first, and make certain this never ever happens again. As your next senator, I’ll do exactly that.”

John Lucke