Jensen slams CDC’s ‘sloppiness’ after it admits to ‘misclassifying’ COVID-19 deaths

Dr. Scott Jensen noted that the CDC "has repeatedly had to correct its reports."

Dr. Scott Jensen presides over the Minnesota Senate. (Minnesota Senate Media/Facebook)
Dr. Scott Jensen presides over the Minnesota Senate. (Minnesota Senate Media/Facebook)

Last week, the CDC updated its public data on COVID-19 deaths, decreasing the number of pediatric deaths by over 20%.

Citing an “error in CDC’s algorithm,” a footnote dated March 14, 2022 on the CDC’s data page says that over 70,000 deaths have been removed across all age ranges.

“An error in CDC’s algorithm led to misclassifying deaths that were not COVID-19 related. The algorithm has since been corrected,” reads the footnote.

A CDC spokesperson confirmed with the Washington Examiner that 416 pediatric deaths were removed as a result of this error, which is reportedly a 24% reduction.

Children under five years old are the only age group ineligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but COVID-19 deaths for children comprise just 0.1% of all COVID deaths, the Daily Caller reported.

Dr. Scott Jensen, candidate for governor and pediatric doctor, said in a statement to Alpha News that the CDC’s data “adjustments are far too quiet when compared to the clamor its original faulty information produced.”

“The CDC has repeatedly had to correct its reports,” Jensen said. “The world’s scientific community has sounded a concerning alarm that the CDC is not the premier source of worldwide data.”

In 2020, Jensen called for an audit of all COVID-19 death certificates in Minnesota. He and Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, found that 800 of 2,800 death certificates did not list COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death, even though they were counted as COVID-19 deaths.

Both the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health were advising doctors to use COVID-19 as the cause of death in a more casual manner than ever before, Jensen noted on a Fox & Friends episode.

Of the latest CDC data blunder, Jensen emphasized the “corrupt” nature of these reports.

“Excessive far-reaching policies of government bureaucrats and politicians have been defended by using corrupted CDC data,” Jensen said. “This sloppiness must stop so that government officials can no longer use false data to defend their abuse and ignorance of our constitution.”

In Minnesota, there have been eight deaths total from COVID-19 for those ages 19 years and younger, according to Minnesota Department of Health data.


Rose Williams

Rose Williams is an assistant editor for Alpha News.