Jim Newberger: Uff Da Amy! That’s not nice!

Jim Newberger is a candidate for US Senate Running against Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar

Uff Da Amy! That’s not nice!

For nearly a decade Minnesotans have only had one voice speaking for them in the United States Senate – the voice of Progressive Far Left. The Klobuchar / Franken team has lined up the Obama Democrats over 90% of the time. Millions of Minnesotans, from the moderate middle to the conservative right have been ignored. Senator Klobuchar has mastered the Washington Two-Step. This occurs when you come home, smile for the camera, hold up a hot dish and take the credit for everything good in the world. Then, she goes back to Washington D.C. and throws us under the bus.

It’s time to take a look at how nice Senator Klobuchar has been.

“If you like your doctor you can keep him (or her).” “Most families won’t pay more than $2500 per year for health insurance.” “Your healthcare will improve.”

Remember those words? I do. President Obama unleashed a bureaucratic health care nightmare on our nation. Millions of people LOST their doctors. The cost for health care went up over 60% for many families and the quality of care went down. I know, as a State Representative, I spent countless hours trying to unravel the mess created by the Obamacare nightmare. Senator Klobuchar was and still is, an outspoken champion for a chapter of American history that most of us would love to forget. Unfortunately, it’s not over – yet.

Moving on, there is the issue of security. Senator Klobuchar has rolled out the red carpet for poorly vetted refugees to gain access to our state. She has been at the forefront for allowing thousands of people to resettle in Minnesota. Communities all across our state have little, or no say, in this matter. Yet, the taxpayers have been handed a heavy, unfunded mandate. In addition, many of these new refugees have openly expressed their desire to live under a different form of law. A form of law that does not line up with our own. One only needs to look at what has happened in England, Sweden, Spain, and France. Or, you may look within our own borders at communities such as Dearborn Michigan to see what the effects of this could be. To set the record straight, I believe that America is the greatest nation in modern history. One of the things that have made us great is that we have always reached out to help refugees and people trying to legally immigrate here. We should continue to do so. But we must fix the gaping holes in our refugee resettlement program and give the communities affected by it a voice in the matter.

To make matters even more complicated, Senator Klobuchar has voted to continue the funding for sanctuary cities which shields illegal immigrants.

She also voted to allow Iran to continue working with heavy water. Do we really want Iran to have nuclear weapons?

Then, there’s our national debt. When Senator Klobuchar was first elected, our national debt was hovering near 8.5 trillion dollars. Today, it is over 20 trillion dollars. What has Senator Klobuchar done to avert this mess? Not much.

The Obama administration accrued more national debt than all presidential administrations since George Washington – COMBINED. And where was Senator Klobuchar? She was right there, voting to support President Obama’s policies.

In closing, Senator Klobuchar voted against the 2017 tax bill. A major part of that included relief from the Estate Tax. For years, family farms were fleeced by this oppressive tax if they tried to hand their farms over to their children. Senator Klobuchar may want to think about that the next time she stands in a cornfield for a quick photo op.

At the end of the day, one can only say, Uff Da, Amy, that’s not nice!

Jim Newberger
State Representative and Candidate for U.S. Senate.

Alpha News Staff