Keith Ellison, Brett Kavanaugh & Minnesota Media

My new boss, editor-in-chief Christine Bauman, offered to give me today off because I’m traveling the in the Baltics, currently finishing up in Vilnius, Lithuania, which is drop dead gorgeous. I was going to take her up on her offer until I watched, mostly on Twitter, the testimony of Dr. Christine Ford about an alleged sexual assault from 36 years ago she claims was committed by Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She provided zero corroboration of this and Judge Kavanaugh fairly stripped the paint from the walls of the Senate committee hearing room in his own defense. Phew, lads.

Then there was Minnesota media and I realized I couldn’t take today off but instead had to say something. What I really want to say could not be printed here.

I’m of two minds even writing on this topic: the media bias and their overt political propaganda is by now self-evident, so apparent that to remark on it seems pointless. I often note that fine conservative outlets (for the most part) like The Federalist seem useless because they run one story after another about liberal hypocrisy, which includes the media. Well yes and so what? How does relentless highlighting of this fact help move the proverbial needle?

That’s the thinking I had to overcome to write today. What won the battle was how we in Minnesota have seen upfront, close and personal the relative media isolation of Karen Monahan, the former girlfriend of Keith Ellison who has actually produced medical records about the abuse she suffered at his hands and which occurred only a couple of years ago, not thirty six.

After watching local media breathlessly, eagerly, happily cover Ford’s scripted testimony, I tweeted:

That about sums it up. The stark contrast between their interest in Ford and their ignoring of Monahan was simply too much for me to pass up commenting upon.

I don’t want to belabor the point either. Minnesota media are even more lockstop with the Democrats than are much of the national media. And really, that’s saying something. So I’ll leave readers with a final observation I’ve made before: when you consume any local Minnesota media, you’re not getting information about the world, you’re getting left wing political propaganda.

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter