Kendall and Sheila Qualls to launch new Alpha News podcast, release documentary

"When we are afraid to start speaking out in America something is wrong."

Kendall and Sheila Qualls talk with Alpha News reporter Liz Collin. (Alpha News)

Kendall and Sheila Qualls recently sat down with Liz Collin for a wide-ranging interview on Alpha News.

Following a bid for governor, Kendall is back at the helm of TakeCharge, where Sheila serves as executive director.

They told Collin they are helping where they can to make sure Republicans are victorious in Minnesota this fall.

“More than ever we need to make sure Republicans win in November,” Kendall said.

“The public has a sense for how the Democrats have governed. We’ve seen the results with crime at record levels. We have record gas prices. This is not where most Americans want to be,” he added.

“If ever there was a year we could win, it’s this year,” Sheila said.

At TakeCharge, the team is focused on restoring the two-parent black family. Shelia believes it’s something that affects all of society.

Kendall and Sheila have been married for 36 years and raised five children together. Sheila homeschooled all of her kids.

The two frequently speak out on critical race theory, what it is and what to do about it.

“We focus a lot on what it is and why it will never, ever work,” Sheila said.

They will be in Brainerd in August to discuss the topic.

“The promise of America works for everyone regardless of race. There is a pathway for everyone. We need to get back to the basics in how we get there,” Kendall said.

The two are also focused on releasing their documentary called “I Am A Victor.”

“Everyone in this documentary comes from a hard background,” Sheila pointed out.

There are people in the film who suffered from physical abuse, drug addiction and other sad circumstances.

The documentary will premiere at a film festival in Las Vegas on July 14.

It is expected to stream on SalemNow on July 22. It will also be available to buy or rent on that date, too.

Sheila’s work will also be featured regularly on Alpha News. Her first column, “It’s a Great Day to be Black in America,” took aim at the idea that America is systemically racist.

“I pointed out some things that are quite obvious, how it’s not terrible for black people,” Sheila said about the piece.

“I think black people are programmed to be victims. We are constantly being fed that message,” she added.

“There’s another story out there and it’s one we never, ever hear,” she continued.

The couple will also get that message out with a new podcast set to launch on Alpha News this month called “Fully Charged: Restoring American Values.”

“We tell people all the time our story is not an anomaly. There are so many others like us, but the progressives don’t want you to hear that,” Sheila said.

Education will be one of the main topics on the podcast. They’ve been approached by many teachers in Minnesota, they say, who are afraid to speak out about what is being pushed by their school districts.

“When we are afraid to start speaking out in America something is wrong,” Sheila said.


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