Kendall Qualls: Minnesota is fed up with Keith Ellison’s lies

Ellison has not only turned a blind eye to the crime facing Minnesota; he has actively made it worse through the policies he supports.

Keith Ellison
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (Lorie Shaull/Flickr)

Throughout his time as attorney general, Ellison has been weak on crime by supporting the defund the police movement and letting career criminals walk free. With the frightening rise in violent crimes we have seen in the last few years, we need a leader who will prioritize the safety and security of our state.

I have been working with the Minnesota Action Network to make sure we vote Keith Ellison out of office and give hope to struggling Minnesota families. Innocent citizens are being attacked at gunpoint nearly every day in our beloved state, not to mention one of the highest carjacking rates in the nation. Ellison dares to support a movement that would no longer require bail for certain crimes. With the current condition our state is in right now, this is a radically dangerous decision.

Jim Shultz, Ellison’s opponent, actually has a plan to combat crime in Minnesota, and he has the backing of law enforcement professionals. He is promising action on his first day in office: prosecuting violent offenders like they should be, funding our police, and investing in solutions to keep communities safe, to name a few. Ellison has not only turned a blind eye to the crime facing Minnesota; he has actively made it worse through the policies he supports.

Recent fact checks exposed Keith Ellison’s lies about his position on defunding the police. Looking back to the 2020 riots that destroyed our beautiful cities, Ellison fully supported Minneapolis’s proposal to defund the police. Not only does he harbor radical views, but Ellison associates himself with radical figures such as Louis Farrakhan, Kwame Ture, and Sara Jane Olson.

As if being weak on crime wasn’t enough, Ellison failed to stop the largest pandemic fraud in the nation, which gave millions of taxpayer dollars to a scam group. Instead of using the authority of his office to conduct civil fraud investigations of Feeding Our Future, he chose to sit by while the state continued to pay the organization. Now, instead of taking responsibility, he’s blaming federal investigators.

Minnesotans should rest assured that our state will reject Ellison’s radical support of defunding the police and his blundering of the most significant pandemic fraud in the nation.

From his time in Congress to today, Keith Ellison has always been about himself, first and foremost. He’s taking on employers for his own political expediency. He’s made life harder for small businesses as he works to impart his radical liberal policies on the rest of us.

Ellison has been a constant impediment to voters in Minnesota, but that changes on Nov. 8 when we elect Jim Schultz as our next attorney general.

Jim will make our streets safer, our institutions legitimate, and our citizens comfortable living in our state. He will put employers first because it benefits us all. He will protect our tax dollars, not turn a blind eye to attempts to defraud taxpayers.

Here is my plea to every one of you: go and vote. This election is important to our safety and prosperity as a people.

For too long, Keith Ellison has been in charge. It’s time for him and his liberal allies to take a back seat.

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Kendall Qualls

Kendall Qualls is the President of TakeCharge, Minnesota which is an organization committed to supporting the notion that the promise of America works for everyone regardless of race or station in life. Mr. Qualls was a Republican candidate for Governor of Minnesota. Prior to his candidacy, he was a health care executive and served in the U.S. Army as an Artillery officer. Mr. Qualls has been married for 36 years and has five children.