Kim Potter’s best friend speaks out for the first time: ‘Political pawn’

Boie retired from the police department in June 2021.

Becky Boie, right, with former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter, left.

On the latest episode of “Liz Collin Reports,” Liz spoke with a close friend and former colleague of Kim Potter who’s been tirelessly advocating for her release from prison.

Becky Boie, a former crime prevention specialist for the Brooklyn Center Police Department, had been calling or emailing the office of Gov. Tim Walz every single day in the hopes of formally asking him to commute Potter’s sentence.

Although met with radio silence for the longest time, Boie was finally able to share a positive development in her efforts.

“I did receive a phone call from an aide at the governor’s office,” she said. “It was just kind of an information-gathering phone call … We also discussed an in-person meeting with the governor.”

Boie retired from the police department in June 2021 amid Mayor Mike Elliot’s apparent refusal to meet with her.

“The way you handled the Wright critical incident and your actions in the days following deeply sadden and disappoint me. Retired Officer Kim Potter has been my best friend for over 23 years. You painted her as a prejudiced person and turned the situation into a race issue. You know nothing about her personally or professionally,” she wrote in her resignation letter.

“Since you became Mayor of Brooklyn Center you have made little to no effort to visit the police department, speak with the police department staff, or learn more about law enforcement efforts in your community directly from the mouths of department staff. It is obvious to me that you are attempting to reform something that you know nothing about,” the letter said.

Boie also gave an update on how Potter is doing. Potter is incarcerated at the women’s only Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee, and Boie has only been able to talk to her friend over the phone.

“It’s a day-to-day situation on how she copes and what happens during the day, how she’s occupying her time,” she said. “So it’s different every day, and it’s a challenge.”

Potter, serving two years for the killing of Daunte Wright, has been kept isolated from the rest of the prisoners. She has no access to the facility gym or cafeteria, and must be escorted everywhere she goes.

The situation is particularly difficult since, as Boie resolutely maintains, Potter is a “political pawn” and “doesn’t deserve” to be in prison.

For much more from Boie, listen to today’s episode of “Liz Collin Reports” below:


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