Klassen: 9 Simple Steps to Being More Pro-Life

Here are 9 easy ways to be Pro-life in every part of life!

Grace Klassen

The Pro-life movement aims to protect and honor the dignity and value of every human life – from womb to tomb. Being Pro-life comes with heavy opposition and is not always easy.

To ensure a bright and safe future for every life it is essential that every Pro-life person works to bring their Pro-life way of thinking into their everyday life.

Here are 9 easy ways to be Pro-life in every part of life!

  1. Educate yourself

Take the time to learn more about being pro-life. Understand the different abortion procedures, resources for women, euthanasia alternatives, and the reality of the death penalty. There’s a lot of information out there that can help you become more informed, and can help you have a pro-life lifestyle.

There are great online training and information for free, check these out!

ProLife Across America

American Life League

2. Volunteer

Giving your time to those in need is a great way to honor those in need. Working for a local women’s health organization is a great way to support mothers in need. You can do more than just support pregnancy resource centers. Helping your elderly neighbor with groceries or. babysitting for new parents is another simple way to help out.

3. Donate

Giving financial donations to pro-life organizations and resource centers helps ensure that the pro-life movement is able to actually support the lives we want to cherish. Donating diapers, groceries, or other materials is a simple way to support those who need help choosing life for their child.

4. Speak up

Don’t be afraid to speak up for your beliefs. The mainstream media doesn’t want to represent the reality of the pro-life movement, so every conversation is our opportunity to represent the movement. Be bold!

5. Listen

Being present and listening to those around you is a small gesture that helps them feel valued. It is a simple act of being mindful. Hear what they have to say. Listen especially to those you disagree with, hearing the pro-choice argument and trying to understand it is important. Don’t just listen to respond, but listen to understand.

6. Supporting ethically sourced companies

Organizations that rely on sweatshop workers are robbing those employees of their basic dignity. By incorporating ethically sourced brands, you are helping promote the value of the workers. It is not easy, but it is a great step towards bringing your pro-life mindset into every area of your life.

You can learn more here

7. Celebrating those around you

Being truly present to those around you can remind them of their value. Put down your distractions and dedicate time to your loved ones. It can be as little as a family dinner, or visiting an elderly relative. Ensuring a proper burial for a loved one that has passed away and honoring their life is also a great way to celebrate the beauty and value of life.

8. Taking care of yourself

Baby lives, Elderly lives, Minority lives, and Your life matter! Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is so crucial. You cannot fight to protect the dignity of life in others if you cannot recognize the dignity your own life has.

9. Get legal with it!

Don’t let your pro-life lifestyle be action-less. The best way to value the lives of every person is to ensure that our legal system is fighting for them. Vote pro-life! Call your elected officials and let them know that you want pro-life laws.

You can find out more about elected officials here.

Sign this petition to let MN officials know that you won’t stand for pro-choice laws.

Standing up for the unborn is just the beginning of the Pro-life movement. Every life has value, and we can work to ensure that we are doing the best we can to make sure we are Pro-life in every part of our day.


Grace Klassen