Klassen: A Pro Life Supreme Court?

The SCOTUS has given the Pro-life community a bit of whiplash and has made it hard to predict what the future will hold for the American people.

In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion in the US, and since then they have created the rules that dictate how abortions are provided and paid for. Every time a new abortion case is presented in front of the Supreme Court is always full of tension.

President Trump’s presidency has come with the opportunity to appoint two new judges to the Supreme Court. These appointments pushed the general direction of the court to have a more conservative majority. It has inspired the pro-life movement to work with the Court to end abortion! Over the past two months, two prominent cases have come before the SCOTUS, and both have shown a future for America, and the results are confusing….

In June the Court struck down the Louisiana abortion case. Had they voted in favor of it abortionists would need admitting rights at hospitals. This would require abortion facilities and doctors to meet health standards and medical requirements. Facilities that could not meet those necessary standards would close. The court felt the potential loss of abortion facilities would become an added burden on women looking for an abortion. The majority of the judges did not seem to care about the cleanliness and health of the women using the facilities. The pro-abortion world saw this as a huge win as Cheif Justice Roberts a long-standing conservative judge sided with the traditionally liberal judged to vote this down.

This week the Supreme Court sided with the Little Sisters of the Poor in their decade long battle against the birth control mandate. Obamacare requires employers to provide employees with birth control with no added costs. The Catholic sisters oppose birth control, and being forced to provide birth control violates their religious freedoms. President Trump promised to help the Little Sister overthrow that burden. The Supreme Court voted in favor of the Sisters. By allowing exceptions for religious organizations the Court has protected religious freedoms. This was a pro-life decision because birth control can include abortifacients. It also helps overcome the overwhelming birth control mentality that promotes consequence-free sex. It is one step forward to winning the culture war and creating a pro-life world.

The SCOTUS has given the Pro-life community a bit of whiplash and has made it hard to predict what the future will hold for the American people. What we can take away from this week is the need to fight for life! Not every battle will end in victory, but if we can preserve – no matter how long it takes- we can win the war. The pro-life movement will be fighting for mothers and their babies everywhere, no matter who sits on the Court.

Grace Klassen