‘Liberal Democrat’ says his mind was changed by ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’

John McWhorter and Glenn Loury discussed the film at length on a recent episode of The Glenn Show.

John McWhorter and Glenn Loury discussed the film at length on a recent episode of The Glenn Show. (The Glenn Show/YouTube)

A New York Times bestselling author and self-described “liberal Democrat” says that his mind was changed after watching the Alpha News documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis.”

“But I always thought that, with the George Floyd case, you couldn’t argue with the basic facts. It seemed that this white cop had his knee on this man’s neck, which seems so barbaric, but that’s what the photo that you always see looks like, and that he couldn’t breathe because the knee was on his neck, and that he choked and died of asphyxiation,” John McWhorter said while discussing the film with Glenn Loury. “That seemed to be the fact, with various people connected to the Minneapolis police force saying that they were unfamiliar with this move, this business of putting the knee on the neck, that that’s not part of their training.”

McWhorter and Loury discussed the film at length, outlining how it changed the way they view the death of George Floyd and the imprisonment of former police officer Derek Chauvin. “But unless that bodycam footage is faked, Derek Chauvin didn’t kill that man. I never thought I’d be saying that. It appears to be true,” McWhorter said.

Film producer Liz Collin and director Dr. J.C. Chaix will be joining Loury on his podcast in the coming days.

“​​So, rather than a vicious, white, malicious, [slur]-hating cop putting his knee on the neck of this poor, helpless man and strangling the life out of him, something different from that actually happened,” Loury said.

George “Tyrus” Murdoch, a Fox News contributor, posted on X that his mind was changed after he watched the documentary. “Two men of color and two white men were thrown to the wolves,” Murdoch wrote in response to the film.

The documentary has reached over five million viewers since its release on Nov. 16.

It’s able to be viewed for free on Rumble, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter), and has garnered national media attention.


Hayley Feland

Hayley Feland previously worked as a journalist with The Minnesota Sun, The Wisconsin Daily Star, and The College Fix. She is a Minnesota native with a passion for politics and journalism.