Mankato Professor: Virgin Mary Was Impregnated By “Grossly Predatory” Deity

Credit: Ryk Neethling via Twitter

A Mankato professor took to Twitter Monday to suggest the Virgin Mary was impregnated against her will by a “grossly predatory” deity.

Dr. Eric Sprankle, a professor of psychology and sexuality studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato, slammed the story of the Virgin Mary in a series of tweets, claiming that Mary did not consent to the conception of Jesus.

“The virgin birth story is about an all-knowing, all-powerful deity impregnating a human teen,” Sprankle wrote on Twitter. “There is no definition of consent that would include that scenario. Happy Holidays.”

Sprankle, who is openly anti-Christian, regularly uses his Twitter profile to bash religion and promote Satanism. His Twitter biography includes “Ave Satanas” which translates to “hail Satan.” He also recently tweeted a picture of a Satanic star atop his Christmas tree.

One Twitter use called out Sprankle’s logic, pointing to a Bible verse which states Mary did indeed approve of God’s plan. Sprankle rejected the proof of consent, saying the “power difference” between God and Mary meant her “yes” was negated.

“The biblical god regularly punished disobedience,” Sprankle wrote. “The power difference (deity vs mortal) and the potential for violence for saying ‘no’ negates her ‘yes.’ To put someone in this position is an unethical abuse of power at best and grossly predatory at worst.”

4:10 p.m. Update:

Minnesota State University, Mankato responded to Alpha News’ request for comment:

“As a public institution of higher education, Minnesota State University, Mankato respects the rights and privileges associated with the U.S. Constitution, including in this case the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and religion.”

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Christine Bauman