‘Masjid-centric’ community reportedly being planned in Lino Lakes

A 40,000 square foot mosque, costing $15 million to build, would be the centerpiece of the proposed community.

A 40,000 square foot mosque, costing $15 million to build, would be the centerpiece of the proposed community. (Madinah Lakes website)

A master-planned, “Masjid-centric” community is reportedly in the early stages of development in Lino Lakes, according to documents obtained by Alpha News.

The project, known as “Madinah Lakes,” is described in one document as a “first of its kind, master planned Masjid centric community.” The word “Masjid” is Arabic for “mosque,” a Muslim house of worship. As such, the community would reportedly feature a large, gold-domed mosque surrounded by housing units and other facilities.

Documents obtained by Alpha News indicate that the project would span roughly 156 acres and contain over 450 housing units. These units would include townhouses, villas, senior condos, and other housing lots. Additionally, the site would have restaurants, daycare facilities, a sports complex, retail, and coffee shops.

A 40,000 square foot mosque, costing $15 million to build, would be the centerpiece of the proposed community.

Construction on the project is allegedly “expected to begin Fall of 2025.” However, the City of Lino Lakes released a statement on the project saying they have “not received a land use application for this development at this time. No review has been undertaken and no approvals have been granted.”

Should Madinah Lakes be constructed, it would be located “approximately 1.5 miles east of Lexington Ave on the south side of Main Street” in Lino Lakes, with Olson’s Market to the north and The Tavern on Main to the west.

Zikar Holdings, the corporation reportedly developing Madinah Lakes, is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State (OSS).

The website for Zikar Holdings states that the corporation specializes “in transforming land into sustainable and inviting spaces where families can flourish and individuals can thrive.” The corporation also says it has “a proven track record spanning over 10 years.”

However, Zikar Holdings only registered with the Secretary of State in December of 2023, and no completed projects are listed on Zikar Holdings’ website. Instead, the company promotes the pending Lino Lakes development and references future projects in Rochester and St. Cloud.

Alpha News reached out to Zikar Holdings with questions about Madinah Lakes, the funding for the project, and their vision for the development. Faraaz Yussuf, the president of Zikar Holdings, informed Alpha News he needed additional time to answer the questions sent to him. Yussuf said he would not be able to respond for a week.

Alpha News did not agree to wait a full week but twice offered to provide some additional time to answer questions. However, Yussuf never answered Alpha News’ questions.

According to an article from Press Publications, Yussuf recently spoke to the Lino Lakes City Council about Madinah Lakes. Yussuf told the council that Zikar Holdings will follow the normal procedures for project approval, and the organization does not expect any special treatment.

At the March 25 city council meeting, Yussuf also told the assembled group that he has over eight years of experience in “construction and development.” Additionally, his background includes work on residential developments, commercial endeavors, and Department of Defense subcontracts. The Zikar Holdings president said his company intends to submit documents to the Lino Lakes City Council “in the very near future.”

Faraaz Yussuf, the president of Zikar Holdings, addresses the Lino Lakes City Council. (City of Lino Lakes)

Further, Yussuf said the Madinah Lakes community “aims to be one that is inclusive, open to everyone and promotes peace and harmony.”

“Together, I truly do believe we can create a development that not only enhances the fabric of Lino Lakes, but also serves as a beacon of inclusivity and diversity,” added Yussuf.

In recent days, Zikar Holdings appears to have scrubbed any details about Madinah Lakes from the internet. Weeks ago, the Madinah Lakes website had several different pages describing the project in various detail. However, those pages have since been removed. Now, the website only shows a computer-generated image of a mosque accompanied by the phrase “coming soon.”

A video from Somali TV Minnesota which allegedly discussed Madinah Lakes also appears to have been taken down. However, a Google Drive document featuring a general layout of the project was still available at publishing time.

Sathre-Bergquist, a Plymouth firm that specializes in land use development, civil engineering, and land surveying, appears to be assisting with the Madinah Lakes project.

Alpha News reached out to Sathre-Bergquist to inquire about the project, but the firm did not respond prior to publication.


Luke Sprinkel

Luke Sprinkel previously worked as a Legislative Assistant at the Minnesota House of Representatives. He grew up as a Missionary Kid (MK) living in England, Thailand, Tanzania, and the Middle East. Luke graduated from Regent University in 2018.