Meet the Lone Republican Candidate Running for MN Attorney General

Former State Rep. Doug Wardlow is running to fight bureaucracy in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The race for Minnesota attorney general is heating up as more candidates are throwing their hat into the ring.

State Rep. John Lesch (D- St. Paul) and former Rep. Ryan Winkler (D- Golden Valley) are the current Democratic contenders, but only one Republican has entered the race.

The lone Republican is former State Rep. Doug Wardlow (R – Eagan).

Wardlow attended Georgetown University for undergrad and law school, where he graduated cum laude. After his father lost his state representative seat in 2008, Wardlow won the seat back in 2010, later losing to DFL State Rep. Laurie Halverson in 2012. Wardlow is currently practicing constitutional law for the Alliance Defending Freedom, based out of Arizona, and is presently planning his move back to his home state of Minnesota.

Wardlow says he’s running to fight for freedom for Minnesotans by addressing Minnesota’s bureaucratic state.

“The people of Minnesota have long been suffering with a government that is too large and too meddlesome,” Wardlow told Alpha News. “The government can be the biggest obstacle to obtaining prosperity and a life of meaning.”

Wardlow said he plans to speak to the job creators in Minnesota to find out which regulations and enforcements are negatively impacting their ability to do business.

Wardlow thinks incumbent Attorney General Lori Swanson, who is contemplating a bid for Governor, needs to do more to address these issues.

“The attorney general should play an active role in curbing administrations and regulations, and right now the attorney general isn’t doing this,” said Wardlow.

That wasn’t the only criticism Wardlow had of Swanson, saying Swanson has focused on several special interests.

“As attorney general my only special interest will be for the people,” said Wardlow. “The current attorney general is the epitome of what an attorney general should not be.”

Wardlow has been involved in several constitutional cases in Minnesota, including an ongoing lawsuit in Virginia, Minnesota regarding transgender bathroom use, and a victorious suit in Belle Plaine, Minnesota concerning a cross in a veterans memorial being removed then reinstalled.

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Julia Erynn