Men try to rob bank in Minneapolis suburb with ‘a vial of HIV’

Robbers hopped over the counter of a bank in Columbia Heights wielding "a vial of HIV" that they used to threaten employees.

Google Maps/screenshot

A US Bank in Columbia Heights, a Minneapolis suburb, was robbed by two men who leapt across the counter, threatening tellers with “a vial of HIV,” according to a local police scanner watchdog.

The Minneapolis Public Safety Monitoring Page posted about the robbery on Monday morning, apparently quoting the words “vial of HIV” from police radio communications. Later that day, local media confirmed that police were investigating the robbery which occurred at 5250 Central Ave NE.

Crime Watch Minneapolis, another police scanner watchdog, shared descriptions of the suspects, adding that their “vial of HIV” contained a red substance and sported a needle.

The local police, sheriff’s and the FBI are presently investigating the robbery.

While this specific crime is certainly unusual, Columbia Heights is no stranger to crime in general. They rank in the bottom 12% for safety, compared to other cities in America. However Columbia Heights is still much safer than Minneapolis which resides in the bottom 2% with 1 in 84 residents becoming victims of violent crime.

Below is a map that shows crimes committed in the Columbia Heights area so far this year:

LexisNexis map/screenshot
Kyle Hooten

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