Merry Christmas Offensive to Millennials?

With the holiday season just around the corner, businesses and consumers alike are paying extra careful attention to whether they are saying the politically-incorrect “Merry Christmas” or the all-inclusive “Happy Holidays.”

It’s the younger, millennial generation that tends to call others out for using “Merry Christmas.” Alpha News decided to go to the University of Minnesota to ask millennials what they think about this issue.

While most of the millennials were unbothered by the word “Christmas”  they were split about whether or not companies or public universities should use the word in holiday promotions. 

Eric, a political science undergrad at the U says it should be up to each business to decide, saying, “I think it’s a ‘to each their own’ thing, it’s their choice. If they’re saying that they have to deal with the fact that some people might be offended, but I think people also have to realize it’s a free country and there’s freedom of speech.”

Another student disagreed, stating, “I think ‘happy holidays’ is politically correct and in this sense politically correct does matter because we go to a very diverse university, and something that can encompass all students would be a better response.”

To see all the student reactions click on the video.