Michelle Obama’s Twin Cities Cash-in

The Obamas selling themselves to the highest lecture circuit bidder should come as no surprise: it's always been about them.

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Image Credit: The Obama White House

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to the Twin Cities early this fall to give a speech, now that she and her former president husband have decided to join the high-end rubber chicken lecture circuit. Famously unhappy and put upon, Michelle Obama once described living in the White House as living in a gilded cage. No amount of earthly success is enough to knock the chip off her shoulder or assuage her perpetual sense of aggrievement. Coupled with a weird sense of entitlement, she is missed almost as little as her husband’s failed presidency.

Michelle will be speaking at Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park on Sept. 10 as part of its National Speaker Series. Tickets to the love fest at $100 are sold out but if you act quickly you can double your virtue signalling by buying a ticket at $200 for “priority” seating, while “preferred” and “patron” seating is also still available for $350 and $500 respectively. Such a deal.

Liberals pretend to be one thing but routinely are another. This should no longer come as a surprise. It’s like that saying “if liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have none at all.” Yet it is actually true, although only the right gets held to its own standard when it falls short of it. No similar adherence is demanded, or expected really, from those on the left, certainly not by those in our dishonest media.

In her last interview as First Lady she sourly claimed that “now we’re feelin’ what not having hope feels likes.” A poster child for educational and political affirmative action, no one has accused her of being overly bright. She went on in that same interview to compare the American people to a toddler who bumped his head, looking to Barack as the parent who offers confidence and not overreaction. The condescension doesn’t come any thicker.

At the end of her husband’s tenure in office, all she had to offer was the stale cliche that fooled the American people in the first place, but which they course corrected in an historic decision last November. Far from not having hope, the American people defied their betters in both parties, and a media that thought it still possessed the power to affect election outcomes, and chose Trump who bemoaned the state of things while promising something much better.

The former first couple haven’t disclosed their speaking fees, although Fox Business News reported that in the same month Michelle will be in the Twin Cities, her husband will collect $400,000 for a single speech to a health-care conference sponsored by investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. As was the case in his White House, women apparently continue to earn less than men because there are no reports of Michelle pulling in those kind of dollars.

Michelle’s first speaking gig was a question-and-answer session before the American Institute of Architecture’s annual conference. She knows as much about architecture as she does about Sanskrit, but the purpose of her appearance is form, not function.

The Obamas are welcome to knock themselves out on the lecture circuit and make a lot of money. Conservatives shouldn’t begrudge them their time at the trough because this is America and we should really be focusing on making it great again.


John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at minnesotaconservatives.org & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter