Minneapolis carjacking investigations backed up several weeks

"Just let that victim know that the forensic lot is literally about six to eight weeks backed up right now," one officer says.

Carjackers attack a mother in Minneapolis in 2020. (Twitter screenshot)

Carjacking victims in Minneapolis have been waiting up to eight weeks to get their cars back after police recover them.

Crime Watch Minneapolis posted an audio clip last week of Minneapolis police officers discussing the long wait time for a victim to obtain his car from forensics investigators.

“Just let that victim know that the forensic lot is literally about six to eight weeks backed up right now,” one officer says.

“That’s a long time,” another officer responds.

“Yeah, he wouldn’t get his car back any time soon,” the first officer says.

Crime Watch Minneapolis says it has spoken with some of the victims who confirmed the six- to eight-week delay.

“We’ve heard from several carjacking victims who’ve told us that when their vehicles are towed to forensics after being recovered by police, they’ve been told they can’t get it back for several weeks,” according to the watchdog.

Carjackings have been an acute problem in the Twin Cities area since late 2020, especially in the city of Minneapolis and its suburbs.

In a letter to residents last December, Edina Mayor Jim Hovland called on city leaders and residents to work together to stamp out increasing crime. Hovland said residents can help fight carjackings by taking simple precautions like locking all doors, hiding valuables, and keeping garage doors closed.

“These simple actions make a big difference in your personal vulnerability and the vulnerability of our community as well,” he said. “We live in a strong town with resilient and steadfast residents. Edina will persevere over this attack on our community, just as we have persevered over the Great Recession, the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect of civil unrest in a neighboring town.”

In the same city that month, three juveniles attempted to carjack a woman outside an upscale grocery store, dragging her from her car and running over another man. All three suspects are no younger than 16 and no older than 17.


Evan Stambaugh

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