Minneapolis Rapist Allowed to Serve Sentences in Three Cases Concurrently

A Minneapolis rapist sentenced to over 24 years in prison last week will serve just under 10 years as a result of concurrent sentencing and Minnesota sentencing rules.

Johnny Odir De Leon

A Minneapolis man who raped two women after being let out on bail for a prior attempted sexual assault has been sentenced to over 24 years in the three cases. However, as a result of sentencing guidelines and a plea agreement that allows for concurrent sentencing, he will only serve about nine-and-a-half years.

Johnny Odir De Leon attempted to rape a woman in south Minneapolis in the early morning hours of Dec. 16, 2018 but was prevented when men came to the woman’s rescue and held De Leon until police arrived.

De Leon was charged with attempted second-degree criminal sexual conduct and was released 11 days later after posting ten percent of the required $75,000 conditional release bail amount, or $7,500, through a bail bond company.

Less than five months later, on May 19, De Leon raped a woman in his vehicle whom he had picked up on East Lake Street and had paid to perform oral sex. Charges state that De Leon grabbed the woman by the throat and forced her to have sexual intercourse and then dropped her off a few blocks away. The victim was able to take a blurry photo of the vehicle’s license plate.

About a month later, on June 17, De Leon offered a ride to another woman on her way to the grocery store, again on East Lake Street, and raped her while armed with a knife and a gun, according to charges in that case. The victim noted the license plate number of the vehicle and De Leon was arrested at his workplace several days later on June 25. 

De Leon was charged in the May and June cases with third- and first-degree criminal sexual conduct, respectively, and he was subsequently held on $1.5 million bail. He remained in custody until pleading guilty under the terms of plea agreements in all three cases, pleading to the first case in October and the subsequent two cases in January.

De Leon, 23, was sentenced in Hennepin County court last week in all three cases.

De Leon pleaded guilty to the original charges in the first two cases, and to an amended charge of second-degree criminal sexual conduct in the June case. 

De Leon received graduated sentences of 45, 76, and 172 months, respectively, on the convictions as recommended by the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Grid for Sex Offenders, totaling just over 24 years in prison.

The sentences were eligible to be served consecutively per the guidelines (Sec. 6), however, Judge Tamara G. Garcia ordered the sentences to be served concurrently, at the same time, resulting in a sentence of just over 14 years.

Under Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines, offenders are only required to serve two-thirds of their sentence incarcerated and the remainder on supervised release. With credit for 306 days already served in jail, De Leon is anticipated to be released from prison in Jan. 2029 after serving about nine-and-a-half years, including the time spent in jail prior to sentencing.

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