Minnesota Doctors Sue To Stop Surgical Abortions During Pandemic

A group of Minnesota doctors and concerned citizens are suing to stop abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.

A group of Minnesota doctors and concerned citizens are suing to stop abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The complaint, brought by doctors, nurses, the AALFA Family Clinic, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Pro-Life Action Ministries, and several concerned individuals, names Democrat Governor Tim Walz, Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, and each of Minnesota’s five abortion clinics as defendants. 

Alpha News previously reported how Governor Tim Walz is allowing abortion clinics to stay open during the coronavirus crisis—deeming them to be essential medical providers. This occurred despite Walz shutting down medical providers across the board.

A spine surgery for a 4-year-old little girl is being delayed, even though the surgery would drastically improve her ability to breath. And cancer surgeries and hip replacements are being delayed as well. 

Walz has also asked cops to pull back, and state troopers and police may be making less traffic stops, which may be leading to a surge in deaths on Minnesota roadways.

The lawsuit notes that one reason for Governor Walz ordering a halt to the medical services he deems “non-essential or elective” is because these procedures use personal protective equipment (or PPE, such as masks, gloves, and gowns) which are in short supply. Surgical abortions also use this equipment, yet the State Department of Health is refusing to shut down abortion clinics. 

“Not only is the governor’s action in allowing elective surgical abortion dangerously unsafe, but critically and irresponsibly wasteful,” said Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal, who’s leading the suit for the plaintiffs. “These elective abortion procedures take personal protective equipment away from hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, doctors, nurses, and others on the frontlines of trying to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus,” said Kaardal.

As such, the lawsuit is also challenging the Governor’s decision to exempt abortion-clinic workers from executive orders that mandate social distancing. 

The suit asks the court to declare that the defendants have violated the Equal Protection Clause by exempting abortion providers from the shutdown. The complaint then requests that Walz and Malcolm be enjoined from enforcing their COVID-19 executive orders “unless and until those orders are amended or reinterpreted to prohibit surgical abortions.” According to the Thomas More Society, the plaintiffs also seek an injunction to stop the defendant abortion clinics from performing surgical abortions when medication abortion remains available.

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