Minnesota Leads in Voter Turnout

St. Paul, MN – While just over half of the voters in Minnesota did not have a win election night, Minnesota itself has won the national championship for voter turnout.  

According to the Pioneer Press, 74% of eligible voters in Minnesota cast their ballot on election day.  

The Star Tribune shows how Minnesota compared to the rest of the country in voter turnout:


Nationally, Donald Trump received 60,265,858 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 60,839,922 votes (with some votes still being counted). However, as the Pioneer Press explains, Trump took home 47.3 percent of the votes cast, but only 25.9 percent of eligible voters. Hillary Clinton earned 47.6 percent of voters but just 26 percent of those eligible, meaning 45.4 percent of eligible voters did not participate on election day.

A press release sent out by the Minnesota College Republicans explains that Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence received 48% of the vote for those aged 18-24 in the state of Minnesota. Hillary Clinton received 43% of the vote with 18-24 year olds.

While Minnesota covets the highest voter turnout in the Nation, it’s still less than the 76% of voter turnout that occurred in 2012.

Julia Erynn