Minnesota Marine veteran, popular Trump activist known as ‘Front Row Joe’ dies 

Randall was doing what he loved in recent weeks, helping President Trump’s reelection and living life to the fullest.

Last night, Minnesota veteran Randall Thom, nationally known as “Front Row Joe,” was tragically killed in a car accident in southern Minnesota. The accident is being described as a rollover. There are currently no other details.

Randall is known to thousands of conservative and Trump activists around the nation for his dedication to helping in the election and reelection of President Donald Trump. Hundreds of posts flooded social media in tribute from people all around the country in the wake of the devastating news.

He drove tirelessly across the country, bringing his flags and energy to every event he ever attended, which is perhaps what drew every media outlet to interview him each and every time.

Randall was doing what he loved in recent weeks, helping President Trump’s reelection and living life to the fullest. He had just returned home to Minnesota after attending a Trump rally and other related events in Florida.

Randall has attended more rallies than one could even try to count. If you don’t know him, you’ve likely seen him on TV at a Trump rally or being interviewed, and he’s been photographed hundreds of times since 2016 by news outlets from all around the world. Recently, a GoFundMe was made to help support him pull through to the end of the election cycle because he had exhausted all of his resources.

Although many know Randall as “Front Row Joe” and for his larger than life personality, many do not know of the tragedies in his life.

Randall was born and raised Windom, Minnesota, and is the youngest of five siblings. He attended Mankato State and then joined the Marines. In 1983, his entire battalion died in the Lebanon barracks massacre where 241 marines were killed in a suicide terrorist attack.

Randall survived and it changed his life.

He completed his four-year service and received a medical discharge from the Marines.

His brother Darrell was killed when they were in an airplane crash near Sacramento — Randall survived it but suffered many injuries. The loss of his brother set him on a trajectory of running from God, and he experienced years of substance abuse.

Later in life, Randall found God again and also his calling to bring joy to the thousands of people he would eventually meet over the course of his adventures across the country.

I knew Randall, and I can attest that this man would give you the shirt off his back.

He certainly owned the name “Front Row Joe.” He was larger than life, silly and funny, loud, wild and crazy, even over-the-top at times, but he had a huge heart. He would show up anywhere and anytime, and answer the call for anyone’s cause … literally driving hours to support even the smallest rally. He was a true patriot and loved this county.

Randall Thom was an imperfect man who found his calling to touch the lives of thousands across the country. He knew how to put a smile on your face; I will never forget when he prayed for me and encouraged me during a period in my life when I needed it the most. I know many others will miss his love and joy just as I do.

And as I stare at one of the last messages Randall sent me, I hope many simply say a prayer for Randall in his untimely passing.

It reads: “Love ya”

Love ya’ too, Randall.




Rebecca Brannon
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Rebecca is a cinematographer, writer, and independent filmmaker. She attended the 2016 RNC as a Minnesota delegate and has worked on a number of statewide campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys droning, running, playing violin and bass guitar, and walking with her dog. Follow her on Twitter @RebsBrannon