Minnesota mother of conjoined twins shares a picture and good news

Credit: Amber McCullough
Credit: Amber McCullough

Amber McCullough of Hastings, Minnesota, traveled to Denver on August 2nd and gave birth to conjoined twin girls on August 26th at Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  According to CBS News, “the twins shared an abdomen, liver and intestinal tract. The girls had separate hearts and kidneys, but Olivia’s heart had only a single ventricle and was missing valves.” Baby Olivia was not expected to survive the separation surgery and passed away.

Surviving baby Hannah underwent a second surgery on September 4th, and after getting very sick with air filling her lungs and intestines, she pulled through.  McCullough posted a heartwarming photo yesterday of Hannah “all tucked in” and shared, “She is recovering well.  Thank you for all the prayers. I’m also so thankful to be here. All the doctors here are the best I could have ever asked for due my children. Any chance is a good chance here.”

McCullough has shared faith-filled updates on both Facebook and her GoFundMe page throughout her journey,  “I also pray that our story can spark a certain light in this world by showing that the sacred things in life are always worth fighting for even when the odds are grim or even if it turns out to be a battle lost.  You will NEVER regret fighting for the sacred things in life. And in life, nothing is more sacred than your children, born or unborn, healthy or ill, disabled or well bodied”.

McCullough, a single working mom to a young son, has been on medical leave since April. She’s explained that the father of the twins wanted her to abort them and that  “their father does not want me to talk about it and has sought to restrain me in court from talking about our story. I fear him and I fear he may try to gain legal rights to pull the plug once we are further down this path as well. Because of this, legal fees have already become a part of our already very difficult journey.”

So far, she’s received 704 individual donations totaling $32,041, exceeding her $30,000 goal to help pay for medical, travel, and living expenses.  McCullough has asked that visitors to her page consider donating to “Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Ronald McDonald House of Aurora CO, and/or Prenatal Partners for life.”  McCullough stated, “Without Children’s Hospital of Colorado, neither of my daughters would have had a chance. They didn’t put me off or turn me away contingent on guarantee of payment like most places do. Instead, they told me to just (get) here and we’d figure it out from there.”

For updates on Hannah, visit https://www.gofundme.com/hannah-Olivia