The Minnesota State Fair saw close to two million attendees this year, and political parties took full advantage of the opportunity to make their platforms and candidates seen, and to take jabs at their opponents.

Senator Rand Paul was the only Presidential Candidate to have his own, independent booth. However, representatives for all of the candidates, or information about them, were made available at all party locations.

While visiting the DFL, fairgoers could take a picture with a replica of Representative Kurt Daudt’s $10,000 door – a taxpayer-funded door he requested be put on the Speaker of The House’s suite last legislative session.

The Minnesota GOP heavily advertised against a DFL- proposed gas tax increase, and offered a nonscientific “corn poll” to attendees.

While visiting with the Libertarian Party I met Kevin Bradley, a candidate for St. Paul City Council’s Sixth Ward. Bradley says his goals for St. Paul include making it easier for businesses to thrive, stating, “The constituents in my ward consistently say that the cost of doing business is unreasonable – very high insurance costs to stay in business in St Paul – those are some of the issues I would like to address.”

The Green Party promoted a fifteen dollar minimum wage, as well as cleaner water. The Constitution Party and the Independence Party both said they gained hundreds of new supporters over the course of the State Fair.

Next year’s state fair will take place during an election year for not only the President, but all of Minnesota’s State legislative seats as well.

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