Minnesota Police Chiefs Association, Sen. Limmer blast Twin Cities prosecutors: ‘Soft on crime’

"County attorneys are more interested in appeasing their political base than doing their job," Sen. Limmer says, commenting on prosecutors' decisions to not pursue certain metro-area cases.

Unsplash/Weston MacKinnon

The Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and State Sen. Warren Limmer are apparently concerned that Twin Cities prosecutors are intentionally not prosecuting somecrimes.

Hennepin County shares its borders with the city of Minneapolis. Earlier this year County Attorney John Choi announced that his office will no longer prosecute “most felony cases arising from low-level traffic stops.” However the Chief’s Association suggests that the problem of prosecutors not attempting to uphold the law goes beyond just this policy.

They sent a letter, earlier this week, to both the Hennepin and Ramsey (St. Paul) county attorneys, broadly accusing them both of failing to seek justice. “We are especially concerned that at at time of unprecedented increasing crime rates, prosecutorial policies are failing to hold criminals accountable for their actions,” the association’s letter reads.

The situation is so bad, they report that “in some cases where the County Attorney is unwilling to pursue felony cases, law enforcement has been forced to turn to city prosecutors to charge offenders with lesser crimes in pursuit of some form of justice.”

In an attempt to remedy the situation, the association says it will support legislation that shines a light on why and how prosecutors are making decisions about which crimes to prosecute.

Apparently sharing the association’s concerns, Limmer says he will “carefully examine the bill proposed by the Minnesota Police Chiefs Association, and any other bill that will protect our innocent citizens, make our criminal justice system move quickly, and restore law and order in our state.”

“We cannot continue to watch innocent people going about their daily lives become victims at the hands of repeat, violent offenders who walk the streets because county attorneys are more interested in appeasing their political base than doing their job,” Limmer says.

“Cleary the ‘soft on crime’ approach by Democrat prosecutors is only encouraging the violent crime wave we are suffering,” he adds.

Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.