Minnesota Public Library hires “adult entertainment” worker to read to toddlers for Story Hour

Russ was wearing a very short skirt and very high heels, and when he bent over, or his legs spread apart, he revealed his underwear to a dozen toddlers who sat before him.

This is the man the Minnesota Hennepin County Public Library thought would be a good choice to read to toddlers in the city of Richfield, in Ilhan Omar’s district, for Drag Queen Story Hour.

His name is Russ King, who calls himself Miss Richfield 1981, and he tours the nation doing a an “adult entertainment” show called “Gender Fluids.” Yep, “fluids” with an S. He has his own website featuring hundreds of photos, where he is performing a variety of “acts” on men in various stages of dress, which most would call “soft porn.” Miss Richfield calls Obama his “political adviser” and his goal is, in his words, to “recruit homos” and like-minded people.

Miss Richfield loves to mock Christians on his website. He even has photos of himself, legs spread, in front of a cross and “eating” Baby Jesus cookies.

The first book Russ read to the tots was called “Neither” – which explained how some people are neither a boy or a girl and are called “this or that or they.” The second book he read was called “Rainbow” – where he taught the kids the meaning behind every stripe in the LGB flag so they could pledge allegiance to the Rainbow Flag – not the American flag. Pure indoctrination.

Russ was wearing a very short skirt and very high heels, and when he bent over, or his legs spread apart, he revealed his underwear to a dozen toddlers who sat before him. Children between 8 months and 13 years were there. Russ ended Story Hour with a vocal rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which he belted out in his deep baritone voice.

I went to the Drag Queen Story Hour event, by myself, to observe. I live a mile from the library. This is my neighborhood. I grew up here and still live here. Drag Queen Story Hour was organized by the Richfield Library (Augsburg Park location) Youth Services Librarian named Alison Reiter, who approached me upon arrival, after I identified myself through my library card, and told me “everybody knows who you are” and they were watching me. I was quickly surrounded, and monitored, by several members of the “Richfield Social Justice Community” (RSJC) – three large women who served as bouncers for the event. In other words, the library used my private information to “dox” me to the activists.

I was told by another library staffer that only people with “children” were allowed to take pictures or video of the event and I was physically prevented from doing so – while a reporter from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and others, were allowed to photograph at will. I asked Candace Johnson of the RSJC why Miss Richfield only read books promoting transgenderism & the LGB flag, and why there was no American flag in sight. I asked Candace why Miss Richfield didn’t read well-known children’s books instead of books focusing on sexuality. Candace angrily responded that if I was anti-LGB or anti-Drag Queen, I should leave the Public library immediately. I told Candace I was not anti-LGB, I have family & friends who are gay. I was there to quietly observe, which I did, and I had every right to be at the Public Library in MY community, just like she did.

As I left, I asked Alison, the library worker, why she attempted to intimidate me when I arrived and used my private library card information to dox me. She said “everybody knows who you are” and we are glad you were able to see nothing “perverted” went on here. I was wearing glasses & a hat and my hair was in a ponytail. Trust me, my own sister didn’t recognize me that day. Alison didn’t recognize me until she saw my name during check in at the library. I was likely on a list. How do I know that?

I was told last year, by an elected school board official and Democrat operative in the Prior Lake/Savage School District, Mary Frantz, who is a network IT administrator, specializes in hacking and contracts with the State of Minnesota, that, due to my “false” reporting on Ilhan Omar & the Somali gangs that terrorized Valleyfair in September of 2018, the Democrat activists in Minnesota “had access to my complaint files on social media and were going to get me banned on social media and even have my IP address BLOCKED if I didn’t shut up.”

Frantz called me a racist and a bigot and smeared my name on Facebook – while everything I reported about Ilhan Omar & the “wilding incident” at Valleyfair has been proven to be true! I have her threats in writing and have attached a few screenshots of “elected official” Mary Frantz’s lies. This isn’t the first time Mary has spread lies about her constituents. Frantz been censured by the School Board for doing the same! Democrat activists were successful in removing me, and my 35,000 followers, from Facebook and forcing me to take my Twitter account private — after I received death threats. Mary Frantz is even a member of the Minnesota Cyber Security Summit – does she have access to all our social media accounts?

Before I left the library, I politely asked Alison if she was a Public Library employee OR an activist. At first she refused to answer. Finally, she said she was both. Later, I found that the head of the RSJC is an anti-police activist named Allysen Hoberg who organizes protests against President Trump. The next protest is called “Dump Trump. Trump Not Welcome in Minneapolis” on October 10, in downtown Minneapolis, during our President’s visit. Allysen Hoberg and Candace Johnson, of the RSJC group, also appear to be organizing hundreds of trolls to target our accounts and report conservative posts so that we are banned. I found 85 of their “friends” had infiltrated a friend’s Facebook account. I suggest that all Minnesota conservatives block these trolls and all their friends. They are nothing more than a resistance take down operation sanctioned by the DNC in Minnesota.

Hennepin County plans 14 more Drag Queen Story Hour events at Public Libraries during the month of October.

-Peggy Traeger Tierney

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